Which is higher, open or low?

Created 2nd June 2017 @ 22:28

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Some dude on my team and I are arguing about which division is higher. Is low higher than open, or open higher than low? Stupid question, I know. I think Low is higher than open as that is what it is in the tables.



low is higher than open


(Head Admin)

Prem > High > Mid > Low > Open

The reason for this is because the initially planned Fresh tier which was planned to be made at the season announcement did not meet enough interested teams to sign up for it at which point we decided to not make the tier with its restrictions then.

But as teams did sign up already for the Fresh tier beforehand expecting to play against other new teams that do not have any experience, we decided to first combine Open and Fresh signups together and only after that split them in to two separate divisions, with Low tier containing the “old open” teams that were more experienced but not enough good for mid, while the current Open is more for the teams that were less experienced and expecting to play against other teams that do not have much previous experience as well, if at all like with the initially planned Fresh tier.

This is mostly a short-term solution in case if Fresh tier won’t work out either by next season, if we would plan on trying that again.

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