International HL lan aka rewind But for hl?

Created 26th June 2018 @ 14:01

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Hey! I’ve been Thinking about this idea for months, firstly I Was Thinking at a lan in Italy since I’m pasta But then I thought an international lan when the best na teams and eu teams are going to play against (maybe this is a better idea as an event but ping could be a problem), I’ve talked with an etf2l admin too and the real problem seems to be with sponsors and money, But I Think it’s possible since 6s is working, maybe some donations and some sponsors would help a lot, kritzkast podcast? I Think it would be fantastic, let me know! Bye.

That would be so cool, but besides the sponsoring problem, the other issue would be organisation.
6s only has 6 players, here we’re counting 9 players, assuming all 9 can come, ie dont have studies / manage to take days off from work / get a legal authorization from their parents. Most teams would at least be down 3-ish players which would kinda nullify the idea of bringing the proper team to the lan, onstead forcing leaders to get mercs / subs to play which isnt ideal.
Otherwise the idea does sound great ^^

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Was thinking about this all along, it would be cool to host it in an arena with anthems before the game like real sports that would be cool



no thanks



i mean it worked at Copenhagen why it woudn’t work annually like insomnia?

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i mean it worked at Copenhagen why it woudn’t work annually like insomnia?

Copenhagen games seems to be annual, and besides idk how much need there is for more frequent hl lans when only 6 teams showed up this year.

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we were really lucky with the sponsorship for deutschlan (HL LAN a few years back), but if we didn’t have that specific location or crew we would’ve been at a big loss for sure.

I would suggest you start an inventory of the costs and see the total damage. Because if you have to set up everything yourself and not latch onto an already ongoing LAN, you’re going to have to foot the bill for equipment (rental) and the venue. Even with a nice community, it’s a huge risk to put yourself in that position.

Back then for us, the entire prize pool came from one sponsor (TF2Pickup, so Kuferl, Wiethoofd, Lamqta e.o.) and we were able to cover other costs by what was left from our indiegogo campaign. Which was hitting the break even point.
(Total indiegogo income – (costs indiegogo + costs event)) = 0

I am a bit apprehensive about Kritzkast’s ability to help scaling up a fundraiser. They recently helped with Rally Call, which even had medals for backers. They only raised 1.6k for an event going over 10 days. I hope someone else can put that in a better perspective for me.

The logistical side of 9v9 vs 6v6 is a bit of a moot point, past HL LAN events we had little issues with teams dropping out because they couldn’t secure 9 or in serious cases mercs.

I hope you’re able to host an independent HL LAN, I’ve been trying at it for a while but due to time constraints I haven’t been able to make solid plans so far. Maybe you can do what I haven’t been able to.

Good luck and make sure to post the dates asap so people can mark it in their calendars!



Thank you for your message! This can help, I just want to see if it’s possible or not, or Just for a little lan in Italy or france for hl, But still an idea

The main two things of an international hl lan is money and interest. At this point TF2 has decided that 6s should be their main competitive mode with hl being removed from ranked. Also, you got to remember TF2 it self is not a big competitive game and from the public have little interest so the only way to get the NA players over is a shit ton of crowed funding for 9 players which would have to include flights, accommodation, spending money, actual tickets. It’s way too much for something that might not get that many views



obvious things are;
Where is it located?
How are people going to be able to travel to the venue? (Airports nearby, public transport etc.)
Is there accomodation on-site or hotels nearby? (Then people will ask about discounts for a specific hotel)
Would you have rentals (more companies to make deals with) or ask for people to BYOC?

Obviously you’re just pitching the idea but these are kinda obvious questions people want to know before even attempting to attend.



I haven’t been to the most recent Copenhagen Games, but I’d been to DeutschLAN’s, and from what I’ve heard by people who’d attended both events – Copenhagen Games were fun, but not nearly as entertaining and engaging as D-LAN. For me, it’s quite obvious that the reason for that is the venue. The fact that each team had its own house, and all the houses were nearby and the whole thing was pretty much outdoors giving the possibility to just grill&chill was unprecedented in tf2 community.

So if you want to attract people to come, the first thing you need to do is find a venue similar to what Niehaim was: a guest house type that is acessible by car and public transportation with moderate rent price and a stable LAN connection.



This would have been great 3, 4 or 5 years ago when scene was going strong, with rivalry between scenes and teams and good numbers.

One of those things in TF2, for anything great to happen someone has to have the will to do the work and make it happen or it won’t.

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