Deutschlan 2016 Thanks and Appreciation Thread

Created 12th September 2016 @ 00:05

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Quoted from Maxi

Basically this could be shortened to “I am a woman”



Thanks to Quintosh for picking me up in Paderborn

Special thanks to cineafx, Foppish, Red Riding Nope for making the Spectator house the best house on LAN

Thanks to all Ball is Life team members who showed up for DeutschLAN 2016

Thanks everyone who visited the spectator houses to watch the Highlander games

Thanks Valve for being consistently inconsistent and breaking the Steel control point icons

Thanks for everyone who stayed until the Monday and joined us in the spec house on Sunday for TV Series, poffertjes and LAN proven pizza

Thanks Deo, Goreston & oxo for helping clean the spec house on the Monday

Thanks to unu & the Swedemobile for dropping me off in Hannover so I could get home



while I didn’t attend, I would still like to express my thanks to Stinson and the crew to make this happen. It is rather amazing :)

obligatory 6s master race #lolhl


I also have some people I want to say thank you to.

First of all to Mr. Palmsky for the trip from Steinheim to Nieheim on Thursday and back on Sunday.
To Foppish for the great memes during and in between games.
Wiethoofd and Red for the great time and the excellent food. (LAN approved Pizza SeemsGood)
Unu 4Head and CeeJaey for the memes, excellent hug and some nice pictures.
Flow and Iro for the nice conversation on the train back home.
Last but not least Stinson for organizing this great event.

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Hello boys and gurls,

I am back from North America and have somewhat managed to go through the pile of work that was on my desk when I arrived at home. I think it is time for me to look back to LAN from my perspective. Last time I made a post on TFTV but I cba so I am just using this. Think it’s fitting.

First of all, I have to say: it was another awesome weekend! Most of you guys already stated it here… but there is just something to DeutschLAN that other events cannot (and probably never will) offer. The athmosphere for the most part is super relaxed, people are hanging out, having barbeques. That is exactly what DeutschLAN is supposed to be! It is basically a vacation with friends. It is much more intimate than Insomnia. Do not get me wrong- I myself went to i58 this year and it was a blast! But I would have a hard time to chose which event was “better”.

From the tournament side of things it went pretty smooth this year. We had hardly any serverissues this time and the time schedule was tight, but worked out really well imo. We did end up delaying a couple games in order to be able to cast them, but those were spontanious decisions. Had we gone on schedule, it would have been perfect.
Yes, there were still a lot of games on saturday. But hey- this is a LAN! You are fucking there to play videogames…
The tiebreaker round between T9! and kinda threw us off, but you cant account for everything beforehand. Most delays occured because players were mia, which is sad for me who put a lot of thought into the schedule, but I guess that is just how things are at LAN.
The tournament mode was also good imo. Some people contacted me when the groups and the schedule was published complaining about the fact there is no invite group, questioning the sense behind having to play prem teams or whatnot.
While I know it is not a ton of fun for a mid team to get rolled by Strong Opinions, I think it can be a good experience to play against players of this caliber. You dont get to play them very often if you are in open-high. Furthermore, and more importantly: Iro and 8!!
This was a team that I would have placed in the lower group for sure! And yet they managed to beat LANpander and suprise us all by reaching the semifinals.
It is very hard to predict how (mostly mixteams) are going to perform at LAN. In a LAN athmosphere, teams often are able to upset favourized opponents. To a certain extend, dividing the tournament into two skill divisons prevents this from happening.

But it was not all rainbows this year. We had a couple if incidents that would have liked to avoid. I do not want to go into details – let alone state names – but I wish some gamers knew what their alcohol limits are. Even disregarding the noise we made and my constant effort to keep things quiet or divide the crowds into smaller groups, the biggest issue was people losing control over themselves. I mean, we are all there to have a good time and drink. But there is a difference between being tipsy/drunk and completely wasted.
This made my weekend honestly a bit harder, as I had to worry about what exactly happened, talk those specific people about it and trying to prevent more of these things from happening.
And I am not even going to start talking about how completely retarded it is to spend so much time, effort and even money in order to attend LAN and then miss your tournament games because you are too drunk to play at 5 pm…. -.-

I do no know how exactly this will impact the likelyhood of future DeutschLANs happening, but it definetly did not help…

But enough! Readers should not get the impression this LAN was a disaster, because it really was not. All in all it went well, and the participants were having a great time!
I know there could have been more promotion, there could probably have been a bigger prizepool. You gotta leave yourself some room to improve, right? ;-)

Finally, this is a thanks and appreciation thread. So I want to state some people that I am thankful for and apreciate (probably going to forget 1-2, sorry about that!):

– MTA. They will probably never read this, but it is amazing how much trust they have in me and how much they helped out with everything, although they have no affiliation to TF2 nor is this an event actually worth their effort.

– Everyone involved in the production, especially Jon and Arjax! It is one thing to make and organize an event, but people that spend their whole weekend – and in Jon’s case a lot of time the weeks before the event – solely to help you out are fricking insane! I feel nothing but love towards these two human beings.
Thanks to our casters, e.g. Jakeowaty (hes back!) and eXtine, who got up at 5 am and casted a game before he had to go to work and another one in his break between shifts. Way to go, Jeff!

– Everyone who attended / donated (especially Guyovich and CeeJaey). Again, it is an amazing feeling to see people actually believing in and turning up to LAN. Honestly, it is fricking unreal!

– all teams that gave me food and drinks throughout the weekend :3

– the Doctors of Mediocrity. The best team in the world! #14straightseasons

– already pretty sure I forgot people.

Thank you!

Your Stinson_Out

EDIT: If you find typos, you can keep them.

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