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Created 23rd April 2018 @ 23:05

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(Certified Puntomime)

Good evening male gamers and female male gamers,

as I still haven’t noticed after 5 years in this league that my jokes are not funny, I have a blog now to post mainly write-ups and articles that are too cringy to be put on the best european teamfortress 2 league using this very forum of public attention seeking.

To instantly scare away 85% of the people who read this, it will be about Highlander though (yikes).

We start off with the official unofficial Pre-Playoff Writeup for S15, while I will probably add in the other articles published on ETF2L in the past, too.

That said:

Feedback is appreciated. Trash me to oblivion (sobbing helps me with falling asleep).

– Domaytoe


(Trial Admin)

I opened your website at night and now I am blind.

Quoted from AlesKee

I opened your website at night and now I am blind.



make it flash black and white so the epilepsy kicks in as well


(Anti Cheat Staff)

Where is the shittalking though. You must join the ranks of true professionals like Muuki and pooptf2. Such integrity. Such utter contempt for their peers.

But seriously though nice writing. Back when I was active it was kinda fun to read stuff like this especially if I was playing in the division that was discussed. The website is a bit tough to read on though it’s just all white and kinda looks like a word document. Maybe more formatting and some pictures here and there would be nice. Gotta consider the attention span of us millenials.


(Certified Puntomime)

@people who opened my website when it was dark and clearly bedtime

These articles are meant for productive members of society who don’t stay up for this long and worse – read. I will try to fix that though.

@Lazybear, 5x award winner

I am not as hardcore as these people (yet), but sometimes (or always) I add hidden meaning behind my lines. Thanks for the actual feedback though, was not expecting that. Now I feel a bit bad for my meme blog and will update it to make it look more porfessional.

– Besides I have begun to upload my old write-ups from ETF2L.

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