Badlands Last sheepy dog's hand sentry spot.

Created 24th July 2017 @ 16:33

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sheepy dog's hand

(puffy vulva)
Do Drzky

So I was watching vods and reading comments from non high winners such as Eemes who said “Not a very good sentry spot I have to say” along with many on the nunya cast doubting the effectiveness of this sentry position. It’s fair enough as it can seem like a terrible spot at first glance but I am here to educate people on this and hopefully people will start using it. If you disagree with anything I say just remember I won high and you didn’t unless you actually won high, then your opinion matters. For those who aren’t aware I like to put a sentry in this spot when holding badlands last: (as you can see it actually covers top left and right quite a lot.

There are a few reasons I really like this spot but the main reason I started using it is because it denies a quickie bomb point play by preventing 2 scouts from being able to rush bottom left onto the point. This forces them to do the play from main or top left which is very difficult to do and usually ends in a fail push. It prevents players from being able to take position top left as a lot of top left is denied by the sentry meaning the enemy team is forced to focus it and take a lot of spam in the process. It picks off weak players after the uber when they drop down and walk in it’s surprisingly large range. It is literally impossible to be spammed before the push. It protects the engie because he can stay behind point and escape by running top right. It can be repaired safely if they try spamming it. It forces them to take the time to spam it during or after the uber which takes a lot longer to do as compared to other sentry spots. The only negative is that it doesn’t actually watch the point and it doesn’t deny bombing soldiers from main however these things should be covered by your team.

It is probably the best sentry spot on badlands last but so many players just can’t see it. It is a great counter to quickies and is something that you should absolutely not knock until you try it.

Also the brass beast is the best heavy weapon but that’s for another day.

Just sharing some of my HIGH WINNER knowledge thanks sheepy dog’s hand out (still banned from tftv).


(๑╹ω╹๑ )

Wow you’re so insightful on this wanna play engineer for my team


ORA ⚡️

U lost badlands

sheepy dog's hand

(puffy vulva)
Do Drzky

Quoted from Eemes

U lost badlands

You lost in the semi finals.



this has a god tier sentry spot for years, wtf eemes on about? until you main engineer dont talk mr demoman …..



Quoted from sheepy dog's hand


You lost in the semi finals.

how do i upfrag in etf2l



shit sentry spot



Tbh this sentry spot was the reason why my team struggled to push out lasts on Badlands this season against sheepy. It completely denies scouts (the only thing they can do is to stay on lowground main which is insta death)


awful sentry spot



I think sheepy is an allright guy tbh


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Why is it relevant if somebody won high? Afterall its the sentry that is doing the work and not the player. 2/10

sheepy dog's hand

(puffy vulva)
Do Drzky

shenahazard: what does winning high has something to do with skill though






combine this with a pipehold by ur demoman and no one will ever cap



That’s actually super interesting. I can see the logic behind that Sentry (as an engineer nerd) but I doubt many 6s players could quite comprehend the nuances to a good spot.

9/10 spot

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