What happened to Wireplay?

Created 5th June 2014 @ 22:50

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we would of joined in again, but needed a break as it had been back to back seasons for a while



No need to be egoistic dicks, the guy just asked a question 8)

Regarding WP, I think its very very underrated, it deserves to be bigger than UGC simply said.

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Nobody is forcing you to respond or even read them, the guy has a question, what is the fucking problem

he does come across as a bit dimwitted. maybe he’s just ten years old though. this is one of his better threads.

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and if you frequent reddit’s truetf2 you probably already know what quell just pointed out :D

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Guess I’ll copy-paste what I said on the T-A forums a few weeks ago:

As much as I really like Wireplay and the effort b0nes puts in to running the league, I feel like a few things have affected the poor signups for this season:

1.) They played it too safe with the map pool, and as a result nobody wants to play the same maps they just finished with in ETF2L

2.) Very poor promotion. Wireplay should be reaching out to communities other than just a thread on ETF2L in order to generate more teams signing up (especially pub communities to make up numbers in lower divs). Promotion is everything!

3.) Wireplay needs admins who will talk with the top EU highlander teams to gather feedback on whether they intend on entering Wireplay, and if not then find out why and figure out a solution where applicable.

Yes, it’s almost summer but that doesn’t usually stop people from staying in and playing TF2 if there’s a fun and enjoyable reason to do so.

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get a new website pls :))


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Regarding WP, I think its very very underrated, it deserves to be bigger than UGC simply said.


Nothing against WP, I just think the website layout is bad (honestly that’s really the only thing actually stopping me from being more active in the league).

This might come as a bit wrong but has WP considered distributing different prizes? Why get a server when everyone has friends with available ones and you can also rent one for free at any time?

Medals? Or some sort of different misc. could attract more people? You wouldn’t believe the amount of people only playing UGC just for the medals.

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already joining/making a team is way too hard in wirepaly :D

san alex


Yeah what happened to wireplay?! It used to be so serious before. I remember my team won our division with 7 default wins in 2011. ^^





We played a fantastic Wireplay season with DAROUTOUTOU losing to Highpander in a nice and tight final after having beaten Kill Switch in playoffs semi final.

Never a UGC season contained so many big teams in its highest European division. It could even have been an ETF2L prem division. Blackout Gaming did an amazing coverage job as well. Lots of games were casted.

We can’t thank more b0nes and the rest of his staff for their dedicated volontary work. And it’s not even that hard to sign a team up on their site and get quickly on the road.



they made atomic an admin



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Season 8 – Division 1
Week Date Clan Result

7 31/07/2011 colony Draw

6 18/06/2011 Win

5 10/08/2011 International Secret Intelligence Service Win

4 29/06/2011 Infused.Tt eSPORTS Win

3 02/08/2011 Insane Dutch Killers Win

2 07/06/2011 Guru Gaming 7up 2down Win

1 07/06/2011 Red Eyed Jedis Win

You did play Wireplay. For example:

are any of those HL ?



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You have though, Season 8, Div4 :*

It was the last season of our team :(

The topic is about HL and SNSD 9v9 team never played wireplay snsd 6v6 did



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get a new website pls :))

The UGC website is infinitely more terrible than Wireplay’s

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