Highlander Season 20 Preseason Cup Feedback

Created 19th October 2019 @ 23:40

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[22:11]clean carp 2.0:i would
[22:11]clean carp 2.0:but i am banned there
[22:11]clean carp 2.0:so vigil big yes
[22:11]clean carp 2.0:fuck badwater
[22:11]clean carp 2.0:swift is meh, but still better than badwater



v9 better then default
vigil is fine
swift pls no






First of all, thank you all for the preseason cup and removing propaganda.

Ok, I felt okay on swiftwater as a spy class, but my team and all the people at the top of me don’t. So, I’d rather say not towards it. Leave it to be played on UGC, we can have a better replacement.

As I tell everyone how I love vigil, I’ll tell you it right here. This map is the best replacement for the boring and got used badwater(who wants to play the same map for 20 seasons in a row). Vigil has a big potential. It has millions of flanks and the amount of strats you can invent there is huge. My team and enemies and also most of the people liked that, so I think It’ll the best choice choosing it for the main season.

Badwater has never been a good map exactly for me, but this new version is better, because it fixes the problem that 3rd point can be literally unpushable if both teams are the same skill level. It’s better than a stock badwater but, As I mentioned above, it’ll be cool, If you bring completely new pl_vigil map.

+for vigil



badwater is bad, nothing can save this map

vigil is okay

swiftwater is good


(ETF2L Donator)

pl_swiftwater can take way too much time (up to 18minutes per attack), even though 1st point is usually capped within a minute.

pl_vigil is a decent payload map but in the current version it seams to me that the 1st point is not really defendable anymore. I played the map a lot last UGC season and I didnt see anything wrong with the 1st point.

There are two good changes and the remaining ideas were badly implemented. The first forward spawn is great as it takes too much time to get from original blu spawn to C point.
The extra balcony space from B to C point is also a good addition as it makes it easier to pressure the players near the small healthkit.

The anti sniper fence on B point does not fulfill its role as a sniper can just stand infront of it.
Making the stairs wider on C point does not really allow the spy to get on top, as many teams park their pyro their anyway(and several other players aswell)

If you want to have a pro version of badwater this season, I would strongly suggest using pl_prowater. The creator is on etf2l and is a lovely person to talk to.


(League Admin)

+1 for prowater btw



bring back warmtic please.
default badwater is still better than other versions


(ETF2L Donator)

Vigil is a map in active development that can feasibly be played.

Supporting maps in active development helps them to grow and be refined, and the best maps in the game were a result of this!

Please support vigil!

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I wish A lakeside will get one more chance

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