Highlander Season 19 Preseason Cup Feedback

Created 30th June 2019 @ 18:55

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This thread is for feedback regarding the Highlander Season 19 preseason cup.


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you can stand on the sky on clearcut
although it is not super important thing, i was having fun on the map


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-badwater +clearcut



Quoted from TimTum

-badwater +clearcut

ye play 4 koth 1 payload
-coalplant +clearcut


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-warmtic +propaganda

week2: koth_product + cp_propaganda
week4: koth_coalplant + cp_gullywash

enjoyed the wrangler ban, didnt notice the fos ban

Quoted from proky

-warmtic +propaganda

week2: koth_product + cp_propaganda
week4: koth_coalplant + cp_gullywash

enjoyed the wrangler ban, didnt notice the fos ban

^^ If we have a double 5cp please put each with a koth map and not double koth and double 5cp weeks

Propaganda – Game we played was very messy, so difficult to gain much. Dimensions seem a bit better for HL when compared to cp_process. I did notice there was very little gameplay on the 2nd point, as even after close midfights the losing team got stuck on last.

Clearcut – Map is very large in general, yet has some of the tightest chokes. Way too few medkits for the size of map too. Some interesting fights happen if a team can actually get in, but it’s very easy for a single demo to lock down 2 of the entrances while standing on the point. Making the ‘flank’ (a narrow choke with another narrow choke above it) the best entrance but still impassible if the demo rotates. Sniper can’t even peak without committing hard, so both teams were often holding the point for 90+ secs at a time.

Wrangler-less Badwater – Enemy sentry was still doing work as they were playing around it well. Might just be a case of my team struggling though. Before the game I was against wrangler ban but now I am 50-50. Wrangler probably would not have been a significant factor on the other 2 maps.



I enjoyed both maps.

Don’t ban the wrangler. Defense was utterly brainless. Ran minis on badwater defense 1st, did some damage but it wasn’t very effective, enemy team kept repeating suicide waves until we had to use & then walked over us. No sentry means its hard to defend against jumpers. Moreover, the only holds that were effective were last holds, the ones where you don’t need wrangler as much. The game was a roll for both teams, virtually no defense. Feila pushed to last in 4 mins and so did we.

Lil Jessica

Ban the wrangler


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Quoted from Doom

The game was a roll for both teams, virtually no defense. Feila pushed to last in 4 mins and so did we.

Apart from the round that both teams took 11 mins to cap.


want it?

holding badwater for 11 minutes w/o the wrangler already feels like the map should be deleted off this universe

propaganda feels very fun I’d replace it with something like warmtic maybe and finally get rid of the 3 koth maps in a single 5 week season

also a replacement of badwater with something like vigil can significantly improve the map pool

as for wrangler, it should probably not be banned as it’s what gives the no imact class some impact, removing it you’re essentially making engineer uselss and giving him the role of a second scout (if you ban the wrangler might aswell make the engineer limit to 0 and the scout limit to 2.)

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even banning wrangler doesn’t help with badwater. can we just ban this map and get vigil or whatever? its too aids.
I can’t say too much about propaganda. not enough experience in playing vs top teams or actual games.
koth map is meh
about wrangler, idk. it doesn’t feel like HL anymore tbh
fos, if its broken then yeah I guess



Propaganda is a decent map once everyone learns the proper call-outs and it’s not just pure dm-fest. It’s far easier to push in & out of last than gully, which is nice change to the meta when it comes to 5cp maps in hl in general.

Clearcut has the same problem almost every koth map (bar some that are already in rotation) has. There are just way too many flanks which doesn’t allow for strong uber fights anywhere other than mid. And the creator’s way to compensate for that is to populate the rest of the area with wide open fields which makes no sense because all it does is just unnecessarily expands the map to huge proportions and fights don’t take place in those fields anyway – players die before they can even get there.

As for the wrangler (or lack thereof) – I take it all back. Gunslinger and shotgun on pl defense is kawaii af. I can get used to having no responsibilities whatsoever. Who knows? Maybe this ban will jump start the campaign to ban every engie unlock before ultimately getting rid of the engie class entirely and finally killing highlander. Ah, one can dream…

if the point of banning wrangler was to make badwater faster that didnt work, rounds were just as long. no wrangler badwater defense may have been the most depressing thing i have played in a long time. i can see someone jumping, i want to do something about them but i just cant anymore.
gunslinger defense was kinda fun tho

also clearcut is severely underrated and far from bad from what i have played yesterday

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Cap Fordo

I like cp_propaganda. Good map for highlander.

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