ETF2L 6v6 Season 32 Preseason Map Cup

Created 1st January 2019 @ 17:57

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logjam is way better than it used to be. there is still some room for improvement like the window on last or the 2nd point for sure but i think it deserves a shot back on the next season.

isla got some potential but it’s not ready for a full season. a lot of problem on it at the moment compared to a koth like viaduct

ordinance doesnt look like a competitive map for me. we really felt like we were playing a pub map or a 4v4 map.

also can we please play metalworks ? it’s one of the best competitive tf2 map by far and we are still not playing it at all in eu while it’s not a problem at all in na for a good reason this map is THE BEST.


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I would prefer to see Metalwork than maps of the cup.
It’s been played in US league and it looks to be an enjoyable and balance map. (atleast for me after playing it in pugs and mixes).

Cup’s maps seems to be a bit too experimental ones imo. But with the feedback of players and continuous improvement it could be interesting to see some of them in next seasons.

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logjam and isla is better compared to ordinance…



Sorry if my post is too ramble-y and negative but my thoughts on the maps.

Logjam: Last is completely functional but very boring and hard to do anything on (both ways). The window above main is the only positive aspect I can think of, and is also unique to the map. The mid is crap because you have no vision as Demoman or Medic. On top of this, logroom (not choke or not cave entrance to mid/2nd) is a complete shitshow and between it, the steep choke and the cave flank route leaves too many places to be checked/accounted for. Choke is unique but honestly not very good, super steep chokes are stupid and there’s a reason other maps avoid them. The second point is just too damn large. Unless ETF2L admins were thinking of changing Prolands cap time to a 2 second version rather than this seasons 1 second b6, I don’t think this map can or should replace any other map. Perhaps product, but everyone would be in uproar if the 1 KOTH map got removed from the rotation.

Isla: Same issue as logjam choke, mid ramps are too steep, and this can’t be fixed by making the ramp start earlier, the point is also just too high up. Love the motivation behind making batts and window too tall for sniper but make it really clunky to play and fight on, and disproportionately benefits scout. Spawn being around a bend is just odd to me, makes it very easy to fight people on the left even if you know they have spawns coming. Mid has too many ways for attackers to get in your face (can commit through under the point, over it, from the side flanks, sliding off the ramps above the flanks, etc.) Honestly just a pretty boring map, though I am kind of biased vs koth. Can’t and shouldn’t replace a single map.

Ordinance: Pub-tier map. Not symmetrical (which I do give points to Isla for being the first koth map I’ve played that’s symmetrical), it has a yard, a lobby and another yard before getting to the middle point, the entrances to which are super hard to get through. Map is very wide so there’s loads of aids “out-rotating” when attempting to get in, point is on low ground so so long as defenders can get onto the highground before the enemy begins pushing, they will have yet another advantage before the fight, unless the enemy decides to go highground first then cap, in which case defenders should play passive as fuck to draw the fight out and get free cap time or kills on the 1 poor scout pressuring. Map makes offclassing super viable, which actually yes, is a bad thing. One pro this map has is the same as Isla, sniping seems pretty dog shit.

Literally all 3 of these maps would need changes too extreme to be made for me personally to consider them on par with maps like Product, Granary, Prolands or Sunshine (maps that are most likely to be swapped out.) Though that’s just me. And I get that maps played in seasons get way better feedback and get playable much quicker, but really I don’t find of the maps’ core concepts enjoyable at all (bad 5cp map; gimmicky koth map; enclosed and gimmicky koth map)

If I had to pick one, Logjam for Sunshine, Prolands (unless we play b6, in which case leave in) or Product would be the optimal swap, but not a good one at all.

edit: since people are proposing alternatives that weren’t considered for this cup, would have to agree with timtum and collaide that reckoner should have been tested. rc4 was never played competitively and while phi has left the game, I feel like it should have a shot at replacing her other map or product.

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Logjam is alright, definitely better than granary and prolands by far
Isla has potential but is too flat and in dire need of a retexture
ordinance is a mess


Paf! 3.0

I feel like logjam is decent overall but the last point needs some improvements. We’ve played the map a couple of times during the cup and most of our games ended up quite boring because of that.
Ordinance was quite unpleasent to play as many have said here already and I don’t really have a lot to say about isla.



Logjam is amazing, probably better than a lot of the other maps already in the pool. The other two are sub-par koth maps, solely reliant on gimmicks. Ordinance is particularly bad, and the vents and one way system needs work.



Ordinance does not feel viable at the moment at all. It feels clunky and slow to get around as any class thats not solider. With some changes, like making the point building larger and some boxes to get up onto the crate and balcony, it might be improved. Not sure, not my area of expertise.

Isla was good, but if the other team have a sniper it limits the routes you can take safely to the point to the main shutter door.

Logjam was super, felt very balanced and fun to play. Would love to see it in the league. Same with Isla, but to a lesser degree.

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