One Night Cup: Episode 1 The Maps Feedback

Created 14th April 2017 @ 15:47

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Please post any feedback on koth_bagel_rc2a, cp_granary_pro_rc8, or cp_sunshine in this thread. Please do not post any feedback regarding whitelists and please keep the forum post on topic.



the respawns at granary are a bit awkward where you’re inside spawn but still die if you try to switch classes if you’re outside of the lines

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Now that the last matches are about to end do people happen to have anything that they would want to mention of any of the maps played tonight?



the new granary played the same as old granary
enjoyed sunshine
enjoyed bagel

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All 3 maps work well, nice to play a dif koth map for a change to viaduct too. now we just need vanilla unlocks :)


Sunshine was always a G O D tier map imo

Granary was fun, mind you, i had the unpopular opinion that it was o k before as well so.. i like the wider mids though

however Bagel, is in fact just like a bagel.. if you’re a tiny little fly and you get trapped in the middle of it
BUT WAIT, you have enough willpower to fly out to the side of it
AND THEN BAM the bagel is too sugary and your tiny little insect feet get stuck AND YOU’RE DEAD..

i’d much rather be stuck in an elevator for 2 months, than play Bagel again


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Quoted from kKaltUu

the respawns at granary are a bit awkward where you’re inside spawn but still die if you try to switch classes if you’re outside of the lines


gandhi is

bagel played ok worth giving it a shot imo
granary changes didnt change much at all actually, played just like it did before
sunshine seems prone to stalemates so thats the worst map out of 3 imo



I enjoyed Bagel, and it plays a lot differently from Product. I think it’s the best candidate we’ve seen for a 2nd koth map and I’d like to see it next season.

Didn’t notice the granary changes making much difference except the confusing spawn lines thing. I don’t really understand the point, as every other map allows you to change class/spawn from the shutter.

Sunshine is slightly better than when it was last played, but still uninspiring. I prefer granary to Sunshine or Reckoner, but none of them will be played much during the offseason.

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No surprise another rework of granary didn’t fix anything once again, ramp is horrible to play in/around and the sightline from ramp to choke makes mid even easier to hold.

bagel feels too clunky to play, point caps too fast and the majority of the map isn’t even used. Everything happens around the point and there’s no reason to ever go into the enemy house to gain map control. I think trying 2 koth maps a season is a good idea and could work, but bagel is definitely not the map to use for this idea.

Sunshine is fun to play now, I enjoyed it at rewind and thought it was okay again last night. Don’t think it’s necessarily better than reckoner, and both maps have the same issues with second-mid stalemates. Although the reckoner stalemate seems much easier to break and harder to hold imo.

Overall I don’t think any of these 3 maps are worth playing next season, and our current map pool is by far the best we’ve had in a long time.

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