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Separate 9v9 Recruitment section?

Created 1st March 2012 @ 22:18

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(Site Admin)

With Highlander Season 2 on the horizon, perhaps it is time for a separate 9v9 player recruitment section?

As the upcoming season will encourage new teams to form and old teams to refresh their rosters, I think having a separate recruitment section with easy sorting by div/class/country/(timezone?) would prove invaluable. While the forums do have a highlander recruitment board, it is honestly a nightmare to sort through, and is of little practical use to anyone.

It would also prevent a surge of posts in the Recruitment section by players rating themselves on the Highlander division scale, which while amusing, grew old pretty fast during last season.





(PR Admin)

It is something which can be implemented for the future but right now we have a separate forum and you can view the ‘team type’ when you look for a team on the recruitment section although you can’t filter it by team type.

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