Help with prec recordings

Created 30th September 2017 @ 00:36

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i click on people, but crosshair is not on people.

would record with amd relive if it didnt include background noise (music, ts, etc.)
been like this for ages.
people said its because of ping, average i play on ~70-90.

i tried:
cl_interp 0.1
cl_smooth 1
host timescale 0.1
mat_queue_mode 1

idk how to fix this, cant rewatch clips am being too irritated by this.

help….. pls



this probably probably doesnt have much to do with prec as the only thing prec does is start a demo recording, if youre really playing on that kind of ping i’d guess that could be it
you could try to reinstal the game and just record a demo with the console to try if it fixes the issue, that would show you if the problem has anything to do with your config or not

Upload the actual demo so people can look at that.

Also try recording a demo in a local bot match and see if that works.

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