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Created 12th December 2012 @ 00:43

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( Unicorn)
(°)> is up again


(ETF2L Donator)

I forget to vote map almost every time on the beta, maybe the button should be more colourfull when you add for a spot


( Unicorn)

Wow nearly a year since last post here.

We haven’t had any games played since 17/09/16 but i just kept the website running etc.

Sorry the beta didn’t really work out as we all planned, but stuff happens. Kampfkeks is still working on it, i’ll maybe make a more detailed post over the next few days.

Anyways, the website and the mumble will be dead (for real now). The DM Servers will stay for now, but what exactly gonna happen is up to Lamqta and he’ll tell you for sure if anything changes.

Was fun when it was alive and going well, but lets face it (heh funny pun) TF2Pickup is dead and I should have done this a few months ago already ;)

Might show some stats if I ever get the motivation to do so.



It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for the work over the years :)



huge thanks for being around even when pugchamp took over, not only was tf2pickup a great site but also a swell community of active players, users, people hanging out in chat all the time; one thing other pug sites probably won’t ever recreate

hope to see you and your next projects again in the future, in case there wont be any good luck with whatever you are up to


c u nt

Screw pugchamp, tf2pickup was better in every way.
Thanks for all your work Kuferl and everyone else








Yes, I’m still working on the new website. I can’t give any date when I will have a working prototype ready because I have my A-Levels the next two months so I can’t commit that much time to programming as I would like.

Though I wrote down some plans for the new website and other projects.

Also, the new design will look similar to this one:

Feel free to drop some feedback even though those are only plans.

Suggestions are still appreciated ;)

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