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Created 12th December 2012 @ 00:43

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Quoted from n!k

maybe unlock the unlocks on the dm server? at least the market gardener & the loch-n-load

lnl on dm? Have fun :^)



Quoted from n!k

maybe unlock the unlocks on the dm server? at least the market gardener & the loch-n-load

i don’t think its good idea untill the official whitelist is announced.


ORA ⚡️

I can understand wanting at least the Loch n Load if you do a lot of dm servers as demo, but ultimately it’s just gonna piss everyone off, especially scouts. As for the market gardener, I think I can safely say NOBODY will want that allowed – I don’t want to join a server to warm up my aim to have 2 idiot sollies jumping around like fairies.



Hello everybody! Just a quick reminder that the there are still free admin slots. Feel free to fulfil our admin form because we closing it next weekend.


Hello guys, I’m Raptor, a Admin and I can proudly announce that we will support TotH 2015
You probably ask yourself how you can support TotH through
It’s easy!
You can support TotH indirectly by playing pickups! Yes you read right, you dont need to do more than play video games.
This event is starting on 1pm Friday 18th(7am EDT) and will be going on until Monday 21st 1am (Sunday 7pm EDT)
For every game in one of the gamemodes we will donate the following amount of money:

6v6 – 50 cents
Highlander – 1,50€
Ultiduo/BBall – 25 cents

Also, every donation we get in that timeframe, 25% will go to TotH, you obviously get a lot of cool features for donating to and help us to sponsor more events

Right now still has only EU servers, but dont worry guys, we will expand to NA,AU and South Africa really soon (If you want to read more about it go over to our blog
If you think you are still good enough with high ping you can still play on as long as others dont complain about you being too bad(Our 6s,HL and UD servers are located in NL, BBall in FR)

So have fun and support TotH by playing on :D

Dont forget to follow us on Twitter,Facebook & Our Official Steam Group

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UPDATE: We will give the MAX Donator Rank away* for a period of time to:
Most 6s/HL/UD/BBall Pickups: 2 Month MAX Donator (so 4 winners)
Most Medic played: 3 month MAX Donator

and we raffle away 5x 1 month MAX Donator to the people that played 10+ pickups in the timeframe

*Items might get raffled away aswell



Hello guys! We haven’t posted anything for long time BUT… We have added two new germany located servers kindly provided by island55 (hosted by They are added as server #13 and server #14 to our queue. Feel free to play some pickups and test them out.

There is other way to check the servers. We have set a second TDM again located in Germany, kindly provided by island55 (hosted by It’s identical to the first one.

feel free to join it and test it out. Thanks!




What is the reason for pickup servers crashing at readyup?


(ETF2L Donator)

since pickup is sponsored by simrai does fair enough need to rename to:
Fe | HartzFartz | sponsored by ?


(Head Admin)
Dr. med.

No, only you have to call yourself HartzFartz

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The new version of TF2Pickup is in BETA

Hello everybody, the new version of TF2Pickup is finally in beta stage

More info about the site and how you can get invited you can find on our latest published blog post

We also need more EU Admins, more info can also be found on the blog post.

Cu in the beta!



fenneks – Open Beta Weekend

Hello everybody! This weekend we will open the beta website for everybody who want to try it (plus we will be running some raffles and giveaways?). You will be able to login on this adress: and you will be free to login/register at 20:00cet since we are still running some tests. I want to note that the website is still in early beta and crashes/bugs should be expected. And you will need to set your profile to public for your first login. If you find any bugs or you have troubles with the website, please let us know on our ( Discord. Thank you! :)

Stay updated by following us on our Facebook Twitter and Steam Group.


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Hello everybody! We have decided to close the beta website because we need to fix some strange bugs. We would like to thank you all for helping, reporting and joining and testing our new world-wide web. We will keep you informed on our Discord! –



( Unicorn)

The current website on is stopped over night too due to problems.
Will be up tomorrow again ;)

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