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Created 24th March 2012 @ 22:05

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recently I’ve seen some posts complaining about TDM servers – one is always full (you know which), when the others are empty and simply ignored. I was wondering if they were half-baked or had something else – that’s why I opened my own TDM server with basic elements and few fresh ideas, taken from the users’ posts. I’m pleased to present you a brand new server:| Team Death Match Training Mod (SOAP 3.4)

Settings and plugins:

● Server location – France ( data center, courtesy of Coke
● Slots: 10
● Mapcycle: ETF2L 6V6 mappool + few other maps
● Class limit: 3x scout 3x soldier 2x demoman 1x sniper
ORIGINAL is allowed – for soldiers preparing to Season 12 <3
● Sticky jumper is allowed
● Hats and reskins are allowed
● All remaining unlocks are banned
● Sniper HEADSHOTS Only
Snipers can kill other players only by headshots. Bodyshots don't deal any damage, they will display the 'MISS' floating text instead.
● Demoman's stickies don't deal damage
● HP and ammo regen
● Map voting and rock the vote
● Maximum ping allowed: 100ms
● Maximum AFK time: 3 min
● Disabled Voice Chat
● HLstatsx CE available on:
● Community Steam Group:
● Server restarts automatically every day at 5:00AM
● SourceMod Anti-Cheat:
● Anti Rate Hack Source Mod Plugin:
Server automatically blocks every person using rate-hacking scripts and kicks abusers from the server (all thanks going to Luki for making this plugin). No more 5HP meatshots…
Commands available on chat:

!rate – shows the rates of other players
!rtv – rock the vote
votemute votekick voteban – useful against annoying trolls
hlx_menu – customize your personal HLstatsX options

I’m sure you won’t be dissatisfied with my elaborated services. If you have any suggestions about its settings, please let me know on this topic.

Have Fun! :-)

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Spike Himself


Some pretty cool stuff in that list, especially the anti rate hack mod!

imo 10 slots is too many though; just turns the whole thing into a spam fest



sam <:(


(Legendary Ratehacks)

what kinda “ratehax” does it detect? cuz if its this pub server plugin where you get banned for pingfake its gay


Don’t worry, fake ping commands are allowed :)






are you sure people won’t abuse !votekick/ban?



Good stuff! Would suggest you lower the afk time, though.


This server is gonna be goooood!


Quoted from rytis

are you sure people won’t abuse !votekick/ban?

Current settings should be fine:

TBE pez


strong server !!!!



Quoted from MARIANO

● HP and ammo regen

argh! server sounds very promising, but i can’t say i’m a fan of regen, sorry

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Quoted from MARIANO

● Sniper HEADSHOTS Only
● Maximum ping allowed: 100ms
● Maximum AFK time: 3 min


Still, I don’t see the point of rank systems in any training mods. Just makes people play the game for points.


yo where can i get this? :D seems awesome



i fucking love you man!

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