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Highlander mix group, we need YOU!

Created 3rd March 2012 @ 00:47

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damn elitist bastards (((



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So much this. My first time I was like “Well, I got an hour free. I’ll tag along”. It lasted 4 hours and was glorious :D

I bet that was yesterday!?!?

Cu on pl_hoodoo mate.



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It’s a great group, and I’d advice everyone that’s into highlander to join the fun! Besides, seeing as there’s no skill requirement this is a great opportunity for lower skilled players to get a chance to play with some of the better highlander players in the scene right now, as there are always a bunch of Colony players in these mixes.

nice try colony, i almost believed that the posts in this thread are genuine until i saw that thesucker posted something on etf2l..

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TheSucker has just finished serving a 468 day ban for the unacceptable comments in his last post.

And the HL group IS AWESOME. Just remember when they suggest to do mirrored maps to shout ‘NO! You silly drunken Finns, It isn’t fun…IT ISN’T FUN!’



I don’t suggest mirror maps. I force them.


Oh yeah this is awesome, I’m up for it almost every time :)

Great mix of players of different skill and the “fat kid system” never fails!

I still wanna play cp_tiplevarg though ;)

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Just bumping this so more people will find it :)

Yesterday we had it going from 20 CEST until 2.30. Good times.



Good bump. This is a good group and should join.

Play all types of maps and is a good evening of fun.

Yes, very fun. Lots of cool dudes and usually an afterparty which might be lobbystacking or huntsman sniper MGE!!!



Any chance of a pixelpickup-like channel for this?



I wanted to get into highlander. Didnt know how. this looks cool. thx


Quoted from Buttnose

Any chance of a pixelpickup-like channel for this?

the americans have one on gamesurge (#tf2.pug.nahl), but it’s pretty hard to get HL pickups started in general without advertising it through steam group announcements.



Too bad the server is one of the worst multiplay servers I’ve ever been on.

It was fun thou, 2 months ago.

Spike Himself

I keep missing the steam announcements :(



will check this out after my uni exams :)

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