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General TF2
General discussion about TF2.
3,828 102,476 The "Can merc for 6v6 team tonight" thread
by degu, .
Training & Tactics
For all questions and discussions on competitive TF2. Newbies welcome!
697 9,024 6's demo advice needed
by Fr3unen, .
TF2 map announcements & discussion.
292 11,596 pl_barnblitz_pro8
by bubble bobbler, .
Share TF2 movies!
2,984 69,184 Frag Clip Thread #2
by Just1s, .
TF2 Customisation & Support
Interface tweaks, mods, configs etc. and any TF2-related support.
925 14,720 console command "status" not working in demos?
by MrSmithers, .
HUD Releases
Customized HUDs released for public use
90 6,491 [HUD] 7HUD
by Sevin, .
For discussions about TF2 streams
183 1,009 [STREAM] Melle49
by Cold Heart, .
General ETF2L
For all talk about ETF2L and its community.
1,660 62,606 RECRUITMENT FOR 6V6 [OPEN] (Level: Open)(Re-edited)
by Steve!, .
Feedback & Requests
Be sure to share your feedback and ideas for ETF2L here!
523 16,879 ETF2L Makes amazing discovery: 2 new foreign languages!
by Hildreth, .
For any non-ETF2L competitions, servers, sites, projects etc.
784 25,679 Fantasy TF2
by Gentleman Jon, .
Anything related to LAN events.
616 19,372 Deutschlan 2016 Thanks and Appreciation Thread
by cineafx, .
Any problem, bug, request or question? Open a thread!
1,995 18,675 Playing in different Teams
by Scrambled, .
General Off-topic
For everything not fitting in any specific forum.
3,994 74,302 Demoman class limit 2 (reasoning inside)
by Stinson_Out, .
Foreign Languages
Dutch Forum
Dutch discussion forum. Open for any topics.
140 2,259 Nations cup #6
by Flying Dutchman, .
Finnish Forum
Finnish discussion forum. Open for any topics.
90 1,278 Summer Assembly 2016
by Konna, .
French Forum
French discussion forum. Open for any topics.
52 435 Je peux coacher
by Kid Gamer, .
German Forum
German discussion forum. Open for any topics.
257 4,093 DeutschLAN 2016: Mitfahrgelegenheiten
by Atzebumm, .
Russian Forum
Russian discussion forum. Open for any topics.
160 547 Ищу команду хайлендер опен (спай)
by Leonio, .
Scandinavian Forum
Scandinavian discussion forum. Open for any topics.
153 2,110 DreamHack Summer 2016
by Sjoeberg, .
Archimedes Cup
14 389 LFT Archimedes cup!!!
by Mclane, .
Highlander Open #2
Anything related to the Highlander Open #2
9 190 I'm looking for team, spy
by MoistPenguin, .