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Name Topics Posts Recent Activity
General TF2
General discussion about TF2.
3,468 91,124 RIP Sniper v Sniper (update)
by papa juan, .
Training & Tactics
For all questions and discussions on competitive TF2. Newbies welcome!
495 7,223 Looking for mentor div 4-6 (roamer)
by lexs, .
TF2 map announcements & discussion.
259 10,338 cp_logjam (5CP)
by Hyce, .
Share TF2 movies!
2,802 65,811 Frag Clip Thread #2
by ondkaja, .
TF2 Customisation & Support
Interface tweaks, mods, configs etc. and any TF2-related support.
791 13,215 hudcreator.co.uk - Online HUD creation tool
by Crazyman, .
HUD Releases
Customized HUDs released for public use
75 6,195 [HUD] vabeHUD
by Vabe, .
For discussions about TF2 streams
149 817 Stream yuval
by Yuval, .
General ETF2L
For all talk about ETF2L and its community.
1,492 57,305 Creating Team Logos for funz
by General CaspeR, .
Feedback & Requests
Be sure to share your feedback and ideas for ETF2L here!
441 13,979 A more liberal whitelist?
by Selek, .
The Highlander Open
Looking for a team or a player for the Highlander Open?
754 2,024 Engi LFT
by Jacko720, .
General Highlander Open
For all talk about The Highlander Open.
77 275 Using pro_viaduct instead of stock
by Icyfeather, .
For any non-ETF2L competitions, servers, sites, projects etc.
739 23,864 serveme.tf - free TF2 server reservations
by Arie, .
Anything related to LAN events.
547 16,001 2nd Lithuanian TF2 LAN!
by Mike, .
Any problem, bug, request or question? Open a thread!
1,895 17,917 Getting the Gullywash demo bug on every map?
by konr, .
General Off-topic
For everything not fitting in any specific forum.
3,768 70,586 Gimme some movie recommendations
by Freakie, .
Foreign Languages
Dutch Forum
Dutch discussion forum. Open for any topics.
132 2,150 RIP Lingo
by quell, .
Finnish Forum
Finnish discussion forum. Open for any topics.
71 951 ETF2LTransferFI
by Bloodis, .
French Forum
French discussion forum. Open for any topics.
by inso2stronk, .
German Forum
German discussion forum. Open for any topics.
241 3,780 Ich bitte um Aufmerksamkeit
by Cube, .
Russian Forum
Russian discussion forum. Open for any topics.
106 405 Ищу Команду
by Forsak3n, .
Scandinavian Forum
Scandinavian discussion forum. Open for any topics.
140 1,939 Spelar du sniper i HL Open och är svensk?
by botman, .