Name Topics Posts Recent Activity
General TF2
General discussion about TF2.
3,898 105,255 LF High 6s Scrims Thread
by Foz, .
Training & Tactics
For all questions and discussions on competitive TF2. Newbies welcome!
773 9,264 L
by Popcorp, .
TF2 map announcements & discussion.
303 11,737 pl_vigil
by theatreTECHIE, .
Share TF2 movies!
3,015 69,728 LF Editor (Open/Mid Team Fragmovie)
by Marshy, .
TF2 Customisation & Support
Interface tweaks, mods, configs etc. and any TF2-related support.
939 14,822 Demos not loading.
by Marshy, .
HUD Releases
Customized HUDs released for public use
94 6,529 [HUD] 7HUD
by XO -, .
For discussions about TF2 streams
190 1,028 [Stream] Isil
by Isil, .
General ETF2L
For all talk about ETF2L and its community.
1,704 63,104 [HL S14] Tiebreaker Scores and Playoff Seeds
by Useless, .
Feedback & Requests
Be sure to share your feedback and ideas for ETF2L here!
544 17,261 Highlander Season 14 Preseason Cup Feedback
by Teatime, .
For any non-ETF2L competitions, servers, sites, projects etc.
793 25,738 - free TF2 server reservations
by charle, .
Anything related to LAN events.
626 19,448 HL / 6s LAN in NL
by Taka, .
Any problem, bug, request or question? Open a thread!
2,019 18,834 Olgha - getting ban for being good
General Off-topic
For everything not fitting in any specific forum.
4,019 74,463 sheepy dog's hand
by Skyro, .
Foreign Languages
Dutch Forum
Dutch discussion forum. Open for any topics.
140 2,259 Nations cup #6
by pingu, .
Finnish Forum
Finnish discussion forum. Open for any topics.
98 1,325 Koirat
by stexer, .
French Forum
French discussion forum. Open for any topics.
54 445 LFT Higlander/6v6.
by Adje, .
German Forum
German discussion forum. Open for any topics.
259 4,107 HLNC 2017
by Menty, .
Russian Forum
Russian discussion forum. Open for any topics.
191 620 Ищу команду
by koloda3, .
Scandinavian Forum
Scandinavian discussion forum. Open for any topics.
158 2,143 Svenska TF2 Communityn
by alba, .