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Soldier 1v1 MGE Cup - Knockout Stage Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Quarter Finals Semi-Finals Grand Finals 
Finland amppis             
 Finland amppis6          
International collincrack10Romania One Hit Wonder0          
Romania One Hit Wonder6  Finland amppis6        
Greece FuckYea6  Greece FuckYea0        
Tunisia l i l m a h m o u d0Greece FuckYea6          
Netherlands jumbo6Netherlands jumbo0          
France I don't know how to rocketjump0    Finland amppis6      
England MGEodude     England MGEodude3      
 England MGEodude6          
International classicgod?6International classicgod?0          
Hungary MGE Astie0  England MGEodude6        
Hungary ...6  Finland 1600 eu open trash0        
European XDLMAO3Hungary ...0          
Finland 1600 eu open trash6Finland 1600 eu open trash6          
UnitedKingdom luminize??? WutFace0      Finland amppis0    
Sweden Racso       Ukraine ПТУ-шник6    
 Sweden Racso3          
Georgia polis is bad at soldier0Netherlands Arunir6          
Netherlands Arunir6  Netherlands Arunir0        
UnitedKingdom Getawhale is a Communist6  Iran MGE me irl bro6        
Russia pah-pah v tvoe lico iz RPG0UnitedKingdom Getawhale is a Communist0          
Iran MGE me irl bro6Iran MGE me irl bro6          
Bulgaria dancing with lupus3    Iran MGE me irl bro0      
France Night Terror     Ukraine ПТУ-шник6      
 France Night Terror0          
Zimbabwe Alt Account6Zimbabwe Alt Account6          
Germany Unique Snowflake Kin0  Zimbabwe Alt Account0        
Ukraine ПТУ-шник6  Ukraine ПТУ-шник6        
Serbia dekio the spyboy0Ukraine ПТУ-шник6          
CzechRepublic mge odpad pohaneno tescem0CzechRepublic &gt milky0          
CzechRepublic &gt milky6        Ukraine ПТУ-шник0  
Ireland summer         Norway HEMPUS6  
 Ireland summer0          
Russia 34cm per second guy0Poland MACIEK6          
Poland MACIEK6  Poland MACIEK6        
England Georgebaii6  Netherlands SOAK0        
CzechRepublic KRUNÁTOR3England Georgebaii0          
Netherlands SOAK6Netherlands SOAK6          
Ukraine DDD:0    Poland MACIEK0      
Germany 絶対に野蛮な     CzechRepublic lukas powered by adamracek mge tactics6      
 Germany 絶対に野蛮な6          
Romania notmymain6Romania notmymain3          
Scotland Scrambled0  Germany 絶対に野蛮な0        
Jamaica le bigfasz6  CzechRepublic lukas powered by adamracek mge tactics6        
Latvia Clark0Jamaica le bigfasz0          
Russia ImbaSens0CzechRepublic lukas powered by adamracek mge tactics6          
CzechRepublic lukas powered by adamracek mge tactics6      CzechRepublic lukas powered by adamracek mge tactics0    
Norway HEMPUS       Norway HEMPUS6    
 Norway HEMPUS6          
Russia Mr.Epic6Russia Mr.Epic3          
Bulgaria just4fun0  Norway HEMPUS6        
Russia 88me6  Ukraine Y Alt'a sgorel sosed0        
Finland mazaonparas0Russia 88me0          
SouthKorea Death's HanD0Ukraine Y Alt'a sgorel sosed6          
Ukraine Y Alt'a sgorel sosed6    Norway HEMPUS6      
International Menlado     International Menlado0      
 International Menlado6          
Bulgaria Chochy6Bulgaria Chochy0          
Lithuania im12btw0  International Menlado6        
Scotland ducky6  Portugal A18155205130        
Finland ʕⴲ‿‿ⴲʔ0Scotland ducky0          
Portugal A18155205136Portugal A18155205136          
Austria Verleumdung0          Norway HEMPUS3
CzechRepublic Breez           Russia Menkab0
 CzechRepublic Breez6          
European dinosaurs2006European dinosaurs2000          
International fundo_kytkinmestari3  CzechRepublic Breez0        
Zimbabwe ehm mge?0  Russia #MGEH3R06        
Russia #MGEH3R06Russia #MGEH3R06          
England YeeHaw0Russia xaxa )0          
Russia xaxa )6    Russia #MGEH3R06      
Russia paahaan     France Alone0      
 Russia paahaan0          
Hungary Neon0CzechRepublic come at me bro3          
CzechRepublic come at me bro6  CzechRepublic come at me bro0        
France Alone6  France Alone6        
England 「Part 4: Nati0nal is Breakable」0France Alone6          
CzechRepublic Alobaalt6CzechRepublic Alobaalt0          
CzechRepublic AirForever3      Russia #MGEH3R06    
Hungary Perlex       UnitedArabEmirates кислотный флэшбэк3    
 Hungary Perlex3          
Germany dd5f6Germany dd5f6          
Norway ATLARS0  Germany dd5f6        
Russia AloneInHell0  Bulgaria Ignited3        
Bulgaria Ignited6Bulgaria Ignited6          
Finland :thinking:park0Greece biskuu3          
Greece biskuu6    Germany dd5f0      
UnitedArabEmirates кислотный флэшбэк6    UnitedArabEmirates кислотный флэшбэк6      
England PJC0UnitedArabEmirates кислотный флэшбэк6          
Russia Kvadratik_s_koricey Russia Kvadratik_s_koricey0          
   UnitedArabEmirates кислотный флэшбэк6        
Scotland matuu3  Sweden NYEH!!3        
Sweden NYEH!!6Sweden NYEH!!6          
Austria Cool Girl0Macedonia aspoidhasfja;faf0          
Macedonia aspoidhasfja;faf6        Russia #MGEH3R00  
Japan 絶対領域6        Russia Menkab6  
England rest in peace epic martin0Japan 絶対領域6          
Hungary mgecameron6Hungary mgecameron3          
Portugal 1on10  Japan 絶対領域6        
Germany deca   Germany deca0        
 Germany deca6          
Syria daul6Syria daul0          
Japan meguminlover20010    Japan 絶対領域6      
Netherlands #_#6    International Natus Vincere0      
England rusty soldier wants to mge you0Netherlands #_#0          
Scotland Σam6Scotland Σam6          
CzechRepublic mgebiba0  Scotland Σam0        
Russia Hip-Hop0  International Natus Vincere6        
Ireland 360 flip6Ireland 360 flip0          
International Natus Vincere International Natus Vincere6          
       Japan 絶対領域3    
Turkey Omae wa mou shindeiru6      Russia Menkab6    
China dgjhuih0Turkey Omae wa mou shindeiru0          
Ireland D4ddyB0Canada quicAAA6          
Canada quicAAA6  Canada quicAAA6        
Ireland eskimo6  England arma dillo3        
France Moi et ma bodypillow0Ireland eskimo3          
Lithuania Norwegian from Lithuania0England arma dillo6          
England arma dillo6    Canada quicAAA0      
Russia Menkab     Russia Menkab6      
 Russia Menkab6          
International cfg.tf0Sweden The xD0          
Sweden The xD6  Russia Menkab6        
Sweden PIPSQUEAK6  Seychelles Jack Skilbeck-Dunn0        
Poland supraleider0Sweden PIPSQUEAK0          
Seychelles Jack Skilbeck-Dunn9Seychelles Jack Skilbeck-Dunn6          
Algeria vocey0