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One Night Cup: Episode 1 The Maps: Awards


1st UnitedKingdom Se7en

High A

1st European Kraken Klan

High B

1st TrinidadTobago Team CoolestMaster

Mid A

1st Netherlands KaoS eSports

Mid B

1st Finland Dolmio Family Sized Lasagne fans

Mid C

1st European High Intensity Videogaming

Mid D

1st European ZeeWizards

Open A

1st European Roskilde

Open B

1st Mexico The Worst Game Ever

Open C

1st European Weedmaps eSports

Open D

1st Poland

Open E

1st Finland Keppihevostytsyt

Open F

1st CzechRepublic Sloup Squad

Open G

1st European _Target Gaming

Open H

1st Germany Voxi will dick machen

Open I

1st Finland Syva hiljaisuus

Open J

1st European Cat+5 kittens