Highlander Season 14 Week 4: inVision vs. Lucrosa

Date December 6, 2017

Tonight, the two prem newcomers and will battle it out in the Highlander gamemode; since there can only be one (winner). Both teams have a lot to play for today, after starting their seasons off with mixed results, the outcome of this match will determine which of these debut prem teams has the edge in […]

Highlander Season 14 Week 3: inVision vs. Super Dickmann’s KANNONEN!

Date December 3, 2017

Another Sunday, another set of matches! Today debut premiership team will battle in what has been nicknamed the Marmite of maps: cp_steel! Invision have launched their first season in prem rather successfully, having lost and won once so far against two very well respected teams. The team features many of the rising Highlander superstars of […]

Highlander Season 14 Week 3: Feila eSports vs Tourettes Chessclub

Date November 29, 2017

As we arrive into the third week of this 14th ETF2L Highlander Season, will square up against in a gimmick fueled fight to the death on everyone’s favourite Highlander map: cp_steel. Tourettes Chessclub, a team with nobled recognition throughout the seasons has been off to a less than desirable start, currently only holding 2 points […]

Highlander Season 14 Week 2: Feila eSports vs Lucrosa

Date November 22, 2017

Tonight, the veteran Highlander squad will go head to head with rising power-team . Feila goes back a long way, with esport couple and leading the charge each season without failure. Despite a defeat in the first week to the strongest seeded team SDCK, their roster remains promising, with previous premiership winner and sniper of […]