Winter Map Cup sponsored by Wrap up post

Date December 14, 2016

The Winter Map Cup sponsored by has now concluded. Thank you all for playing in the cup, hopefully you had fun, please remember to leave feedback on both the setup and the maps of the cup over on the feedback thread. This helps us run better cups and seasons in the future. Please see below […]

Winter Map Cup sponsored by – Fixtures Released

Date December 9, 2016

  The fixtures for Winter Map Cup sponsored by are now released and can be seen here along with the groups. The knockout section of the cup will vary slightly between tiers. The Premiership and High groups will have all teams advance from the group stage in a bracket with the group being used to determine […]

Winter Map Cup sponsored by

Date December 5, 2016

As Season 25 starts winding down, with taking the title, before we move onto Season 26 we are proud to announce the Winter Map Cup sponsored by The cup will feature three maps new to ETF2L 6v6. Cp_drudgery a new 5cp map created by , cp_cardinal a map by the maker of of sunshine and […]

Highlander Season 11: Whitelist Changes

Date October 30, 2016

Made by After discussion both internally and with premiership players we are adding the dead ringer to our whitelist, this means that the dead ringer will not be banned in Highlander Season 11. The whitelist can be viewed on We have also made the decision that players with High experience are not allowed to […]

BlackOut TV Highlander Invitational #1

Date October 26, 2016

Clarification: This is unrelated to the ETF2L Highlander Season 11 Playoffs or any ETF2L Competition, it is an independent event hosted by BlackOut TV It’s this time of the year, folks! No, not the US presidential election. Although it does have slightly better memes than TF2 community. ETF2L Highlander Season 11 is upon us and that means […]