Season 30 sponsored by STN-Trading and!: Premiership Qualifiers Announcement!

Date May 20, 2018

Banner by Premiership Qualifiers We’ve come to a decision regarding the Season 30 Premiership Qualifiers! and have retained their Premiership spot due to keeping at least half of their roster and not ending the season in a relegation spot. Since has almost the same roster as the Division 1 winner from Season 29 they will […]

Medals, Rule Updates, Staff Changes!

Date April 1, 2018

Medals Due to the latest Valve update, our medal distribution system has been completely broken. This means that all medals, including the ones from Highlander Season 14 and 6v6 Season 29 will be postponed indefinitely until further notice. We apologize for this inconvenience and will be working as much as possible to fix this issue […]