Highlander Season 11: Budget Toucans vs. “PremTech” @ 21:00 CET

Date December 14, 2016

Final week, woop! That means everyone’s favourite map is back in action, pl_badwater. Bringing in the horses for this one first off is  vs. (so….PremTech!). Both teams are locked in the middle of the table at 4th and 5th, a win for will propel them into joint 3rd with while a victory for will earn […]

Highlander Season 11: SDCK vs. Tourettes Chessclub @ 21:00 CET

Date December 11, 2016

We’re not dead! Seriously, this is happening tonight guys! Join , & on BlackOut TV for a Week 6 face-off between the ever determined and premiership veterans . This week we have a double king of the hill map header with koth_warmtic and koth_product both featuring for the teams to take points away with them. […]

Sunday Night Highlander Season 11: Budget Toucans vs. SDCK @ 21:00 CET

Date December 4, 2016

Aaaaaaand we’re back! Feels like a while? Lets get on with it then, no more delays! Join , & on BlackOut TV for a potential playoff decider match between and . Week 5 brings us a new challenging level to battled upon, cp_steel, a glorious playground of best of 3 stopwatch to bring out the best […]

DreamHack Winter 2016: Battle for the North

Date November 25, 2016

Players from all across Scandinavia are gathering in Jönköping, Sweden for DreamHack Winter 2016: Battle for the North. The battle horns will blast across the land (picture by yttrium) Four teams have been invited to compete at DreamHack, with each of them hailing from the Nordic countries. The teams are: Team Sweden, Team Norway, Team Denmark & […]

Thursday 21:00 CET: PremTech vs. Tourettes Chessclub – ETF2L Highlander Season 11

Date November 17, 2016

How about that then kids (if you get this reference you will think I am a sick man), a repeat of the Season 7 Finals in store for you tonight only 2 years later, much has changed since  managed to edge out PremTech two maps to one on the way to their first ETF2L crown. […]