Highlander Season 11 Playoffs R1: Tourettes Chessclub vs. Budget Toucans @ 21:00 CET

Date January 8, 2017

HOLY ****! Its 2017 and finally the Season 11 Playoffs for Highlander are finally upon us tonight with the first match punching its way out to the centre with  battling against  for a early lead in these double elimination brackets. Both sides feature similar results through the season with comparable wins and losses but when […]

Sunday Double Bill Highlander Season 11 @ 21:00 CET: Strong Opinions vs. SDCK & XDCK vs. Chessclub

Date December 18, 2016

Double bill guys! Twice the action for the same evening of fun! On BlackOut TV 1 join & with on the camera for a battle between the premiership titan  against everyone’s favourite . Right now the standings are almost set in stone with way out in front with an impossible to catch lead while have […]

Highlander Season 11: Budget Toucans vs. “PremTech” @ 21:00 CET

Date December 14, 2016

Final week, woop! That means everyone’s favourite map is back in action, pl_badwater. Bringing in the horses for this one first off is  vs. (so….PremTech!). Both teams are locked in the middle of the table at 4th and 5th, a win for will propel them into joint 3rd with while a victory for will earn […]

Highlander Season 11: SDCK vs. Tourettes Chessclub @ 21:00 CET

Date December 11, 2016

We’re not dead! Seriously, this is happening tonight guys! Join , & on BlackOut TV for a Week 6 face-off between the ever determined and premiership veterans . This week we have a double king of the hill map header with koth_warmtic and koth_product both featuring for the teams to take points away with them. […]

Sunday Night Highlander Season 11: Budget Toucans vs. SDCK @ 21:00 CET

Date December 4, 2016

Aaaaaaand we’re back! Feels like a while? Lets get on with it then, no more delays! Join , & on BlackOut TV for a potential playoff decider match between and . Week 5 brings us a new challenging level to battled upon, cp_steel, a glorious playground of best of 3 stopwatch to bring out the best […]