Season 35 powered by Copenhagen Games: Preseason Qualifiers and Prize Pool Update!

Date January 22, 2020

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Preseason Qualifiers are happening afterall!

After our initial post regarding the Premiership Division signups was posted, we have received 2 more signups.
Because of the fact that the signup period for Premiership was particularly short as well as in order to maintain the integrity of the highest division in Europe, we decided to revise our assessment:

We were informed that Armenia catbowcar's only fans account is “dead” and thus they will be dropped from the season.

UnitedStates 6ix will play in Premiership for Season 35.

European BOOMERS vs Iceland synonim of perfection will duke out the remaining 8th spot.

Prize Pool and Sponsorship Update

Thanks to our friends at Copenhagen Games we are happy to announce that the winners of the Premiership Division will receive 6 tickets to the upcoming Copenhagen Games LAN event, so [email protected]! The updated prize pool is:

gold medal Place – 6 tickets to Copenhagen Games
silver medal Place – 300 Euros
bronze medal Place – 120 Euros

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