Highlander Season 20: Premiership Qualifiers and Map Pool!

Date November 9, 2019

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Map Pool and Rotation

pl_badwater poll result:

  • pl_badwater_pro_v9 – 56.86%
  • pl_badwater – 43.14%

This means that pl_badwater_pro_v9 will be included in the map pool for Season 20. The full map rotation for this season is as follows:

Premiership Qualifiers

Due to there only being 6 teams signed up to the Premiership Tier there will be no qualifiers for this Season. The Premiership tier will be made up of the following teams:

The signups are still open for the all the remaining tiers, don’t forget to signup!

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  1. Spreijer: SDCK said:


  2. MoreBuckets! said:


  3. 20grams: Godz - $$$ said:

    dead comp

  4. yahoo: SDCK said:

    I never really was on you’re side

  5. 20grams: Godz - $$$ said:

    Wanna read a meme? Pyro main, AHAHAHAHAH.

  6. FTH: 177013 - pizza said:

    i win

  7. 20grams: Godz - $$$ said:

    your name just remind me meme pyro, no flame dx

  8. Sketis said:

    20grams u asking for a fight ? cuz i can deliver