Season 34 Week 4: top5rocket vs. karnax : ok donc nice calmonie

Date October 17, 2019

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Tonight at 21:15 CEST on TFTV!

It only took 4 weeks for the French to turn on themselves, ok nice. Both groupes de garçons only have two results behind them after the drop-out of Rakuzan. And the battle for position in the table is still unnervingly close, with only 3 points in difference between the two. The winner of this match could potentially jump up to second place, if the stars align.

top5rocket are sticking to their roots, stubbornly staying 5th in the table, but with good reason as they’ve only managed to play twice during the past 3 weeks of the season. Losing a close map against Ascent.EU on Gullywash and rocket-jumping over The Bus Crew, the team is looking more like a top 3 contender than anything else.

Karnax have arguably had some easier matches these past couple of weeks. Also playing The Bus Crew, but playing wer das liest ist doof instead of Ascent.EU, and only barely managing a win over the Germans. With their ok start to the season, Karnax will be hoping to pick up speed during the mid-season, and this would be a good game to start.

Check out the stream with surny and Beater, with ArchRhythm behind the camera, to see which of the Frenchies will claim the top spot and start an early lead over the mid-field.

Play-by-play: surny Analysis: Beater Production: ArchRhythm Match Page Writer: Dempsey

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