Season 33 Premiership Grand Finals: Se7en vs. Ascent.EU

Date August 20, 2019

For the third consecutive time, Se7en and Ascent.EU will face off in the ETF2L Premiership Grand Final. Due to the new playoff system, it will also be Se7en’s first appearance since the end of the regular season over a month ago thanks to their 1st place on the scoreboard. It will thus be a cold and collected Se7en side facing off against an Ascent.EU squad that has been on a upward trend, and will surely be eager to prove that third time’s the charm.

If Se7en might not have played in a month, we’ve seen a lot of Ascent.EU in the playoffs so far. Despite coming off a lukewarm regular season where they placed 3rd, amppis’ alpinists have managed to climb their way from the bottom of the playoffs, and have looked nothing but confident on the way. After dispatching a tenacious but ultimately not dangerous Ora Elektro, they faced off against Faint, the only team to beat Se7en this season. A previous clash had seen the two teams walk away in a tie, but this time Ascent.EU looked more prepared, and the affair was over in two, admittedly close, maps.

Catch a preview of i65, a nail-biting game, the clash of two dynasties, and some overall fine TF2 by tuning in !

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    Premiership Finals: August 4th