Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Week 5: Ascent.EU vs Se7en & SVIFT EU vs wer das liest ist doof

Date October 25, 2018

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Ascent.EU vs Se7en

Catch a glimpse of what could very well be the final of this season, as first and second place clash. That’s right, it’s European Se7en versus Finland Ascent.EU!

While Ascent.EU did not play last week due to nunya forfeiting, they managed to get a piece of nunya in the person of Connor, who will be replacing Nursey from now on. This first match under new colours will be quite the test for the hot-shot medic, but if there’s one thing that Connor has, it’s confidence. Against Faint Gaming the week before, amppis and his acolytes proved that they knew how to dictate the tempo of a game even against top teams, and this intensity could be the kind of thing that throws Se7en off.

Se7en also defeated Faint Gaming quite convincingly, Gullywash was a bit close at the beginning but they managed to regain control in the last 15 minutes. And this map is out of the rotation for now. They are looking very solid at the moment, but the absence of kaidus’ calm calls could hinder them should the game not go in their favour.

So, will Ascent.EU prove that they are up to the challenge ? Or will they have only a decent performance and get walked on by the current champions? Tune in to to find out!

Play-by-Play: GrumpyKoi | Analysis: DuMmTm | Production: Beater | Match Page | Finland Ascent.EU| European Se7enWritten by Aelkyr

SVIFT EU vs wer das liest ist doof

Tonight, it’s the Swedes vs the Germans, with Sweden Faint Gaming taking on Germany wer das liest ist doof on Snakewater and Sunshine.

Last match-week, Smirre and friends put the fellowship squarely to the sword. Though they might have secured safe passage across Khazad-dûm, scaled Mount Doom and even took a map off of doof last time around, the fellowship were deftly outplayed by SVIFT on both Gully and Snake, who played with intelligence and confidence to take two maps wins.

Meanwhile, doof will be looking to turn their fortunes around, after dropping both maps in their last game to an Ascent side that’s assuredly entering the ascendancy, with the end of the season and playoffs looming – like the Misty Mountains – ahead.

Will SVIFT keep up the pace? Will doof turn it around?

Head to for all the lights, camera, off-classing, and more.

Play-by-Play: Ombrack | Analysis: Lucky | Production: Morris | Match Page | Sweden Faint Gaming | Germany wer das liest ist doof | Written by joe

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