Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Week 2: Se7en vs SVIFT EU & the fellowship vs nunya

Date October 7, 2018

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Se7en vs SVIFT EU

Tonight, two Prem heavyweights face off on Gran and Product: Se7en versus SVIFT EU.

Se7en won their first match with the swagger we’ve come to expect from a team who’ve continually ran Sonic-style rings around the league. They put The Fellowship to the sword and squarely back in the bin with 6-1 and 5-0 wins. The match marked a return for two legendary EU players – kaptain and Raymon – with Stark returning to his more familiar roamer role. Though Kaidus is currently on a break from TF2, Domo’s proven himself to be an astute pick-up. He’ll be hoping to fill Kaidus’ booties again tonight.

Meanwhile, SVIFT have also had a new coat of paint – although not as dramatically as their now-fallen NA comrades – with the addition of multiple members of The Bus Crew. The new-look team played a heated match against Ascent last week, losing Process but winning Gran. Will Se7en take six? How fast can the SVIFT bus go?

Join Ombrack, Eepily and Beater on TF.TV for all the action and commentary.

Analysis: Ombrack | Play-by-Play: eepily | Production: Beater | Match Page | European Se7en | Sweden Faint Gaming | Written by joe the brave

the fellowship vs nunya

Week 2 of ETF2L is upon us, and the classic Process is out for the map with a reputation of being a wildcard : Product. Nunya and the fellowship are both looking to rebound after disappointing results last week, so expect to see two teams out for blood.

Last week, the fellowship was no match for the new Se7en, losing both maps on round difference. That said, the fellowship is not going to break because of a defeat at the hands of the winners especially on the first week, and they are probably looking at this match as their first real test. And they seem to be the favorites now, since especially Product looks to be one of their strongest maps : uubers has proven to be an effective scout, allowing Mr.Epic to play sniper, something he does extremely well.

Nunya are looking like the underdogs here as last week rematch of the qualifiers was a mixed bag for Connor’s crew, winning a single map on Golden Cap. That said they did win Granary after all and the map is still in rotation. While winning may look like an upset, they will certainly not go out with a whimper, and Product will be a fierce affair, having their own fearsome sniper in the form of Puoskari and lukas pumping out damage.

Play-by-Play: HiipFire | Analysis: DuMmTm | Production: Console | Match Page | UnitedKingdom the fellowship | SouthAfrica nunya | Written by Aelkyr

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