Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Week 1: Faint Gaming EU vs. Ora Elektro & The Fellowship vs. Se7en

Date September 27, 2018

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Faint Gaming EU vs. Ora Elektro

In tonight’s match, Ora Electro welcomes division newcomers Faint Gaming to the ETF2L Premiership, as the two teams square off on Process and Granary.

After an electric showing at i63, Ora enter season thirty-one with a slightly readjusted roster. After bringing it home with England, and a string of successful stints with teams from Lowpander to SVIFT, Papi replaces Eskimo on pocket. Meanwhile former Arctic Fox, Prem winner and legendary Sniper Maroš enlists as Ora Scout in place of Scruff.

In the other corner, while it might be Faint Gaming’s first season in ETF2L’s highest tier, this a group of highly convincingly gamers. While alle, sorex, counou and Amarok all remain with the roster that tore up last season’s Division One, the team’s two new players make Faint an even scarier force to be reckoned with. It’s hard to name a more talented Medic in the game today than seeds, who joined the Faint fray from Se7en. And say goodbye to your Demomen, as Corbac bombs in in Samski’s place.

Will counou outsnipe Maroš? Can Ora outshine Faint?

For all the action, commentary, meatshots and more, join us on with GrumpyKoi, Beater, and degu.

Play-by-Play: GrumpyKoi | Analysis: Beater | Production: degu | Match Page | European CHILLWAGON | Norway Ora Elektro | Written by joe the brave

The Fellowship vs. Se7en

Another Week 1 Matchup of ETF2L Season 30 Premiership pits the fellowship against Se7en.

We all know how Se7en goes. After the defeat they had against NA’s best, Froyotech at the i63 Grand Finals, changes were made, bringing back kaptain and Raymon to the team, and actually letting Starkie play Roamer this time. The old Se7en is back, so to speak. But can they prove that they’re still Europe’s best? Data suggest they might as well, but surprises can happen anytime, anywhere.

Meanwhile the fellowship was created from whatever the bin have left from their disposal (got it?), and with familiar names come together such as Mr. Epic and krafty on Scout, uubers and yllen on Soldier, the RaTsLaYeR on demo, and isla on medic with the goal to try topple the mighty Se7en on this match, with my very limited knowledge of any pop culture references matter, it only took one gimmick to rule them all. Sorry.

Join a Brit named eepily, a long-haired German named DuMmTm on the mic, while another Brit named gemm on production as they take over TFTV2 to cover this match.

Play-by-Play: eepily | Analysis: DuMmTm | Production: gemm | Match Page | UnitedKingdom the fellowship | European Se7en| Written by concorde

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