Season 30 by STN-Trading & Week 5: The Bus Crew vs. the bin BLACK & Ora Elektro vs. SVIFT

Date July 4, 2018

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The Bus Crew vs. the bin BLACK

Today, the bin BLACK is expected to verse The Bus Crew in a match that could set the former to an almost guaranteed playoffs spot. Teams like Ascent.EU and Ora Elektro will be watching this match closely as a Bus Crew win would give decent chances to Ora Elektro to reach playoffs while the same win could put Ascent.EU in the relegation zone.
With a number of seemingly equally strong and experienced players on both teams such as Josh on one side and lukas on the other, the game might be closer than some could expect since both maps played are very well-known and won’t possibly give an edge to one of these teams.
Thus, as the main season ends, the last remaining games will prove to be crucial in the attempt of every team to stay away from the relegation and secure a playoffs spot. To maintain its 4th position, the bin BLACK will have to prove itself once again in this match, but no one can expect The Bus Crew to go down that easily. Don’t forget to watch this decisive game tomorrow at 21:16CEST on

Play-by-play: Grumpykoi | Analysis: Beater | Production: Wiethoofd | Match Page | the bin BLACK | The Bus Crew |Written by Wylenn

Ora Elektro vs. SVIFT

Videogames on with HiipFire, DuMmTm and BRAND NEW PRODUCER MORRIS HO BABY.

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