Season 30 by STN-Trading & Week 4: Ascent.EU vs. the bin BLACK & Ora Elektro vs. The Bus Crew

Date June 21, 2018

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Ascent.EU vs. the bin BLACK

It is week 4, the week of unorthodox maps Cardinal and Product, and this can go either Ascent.EU or the bin BLACK, and both are sitting mid table with 6 points each.

Half of Ascent.EU points are coming from their last-week victory over Velocity eSports EU on Cardinal, and seeing as the bin BLACK failed to pick up any points on that map, the frenchies will surely have their hopes up it. Ombrack’s organization has been proved to be a decisive factor on this new and unknown map, and good focus calls could make up for a potential lack of DM on Product.

The bin BLACK are entering this fixture after losing both maps in a very close fashion to Ora Elektro, and will be hungry for points, with their roster getting used to the shakeup. It’s now been two weeks since iatgink and groove swapped their roles of roamer and pocket scout, and while the Welshman has some top high experience on roamer, many were expecting groove to end up dead as disco. The German proved them wrong however, and has been delivering some quite funky plays in the last two weeks.

It will also be the showdown between two DM demos on the DM map, tune in to tftv to watch some explosive action !

Play-by-Play: GrumpyKoi | Analysis: kr4tos | Production: Beater | Match Page |France Top5rocket |UnitedKingdom the bin BLACK | Written by Aelkyr

Ora Elektro vs. The Bus Crew

This week, Ora Elektro is facing The Bus Crew and as the match is planned for tomorrow the expectations are increasing on both sides. For once, these two teams are facing similarly skilled opponents, not having to face enemies like Se7en or SVIFT.
With The Bus Crew’s recent roster changes, the team has assembled a group of experimented Premiership players like dmoule and Polygon who are definitely capable of taking this win home. However, Ora Elektro fans would tell you that this doesn’t mean anything. Indeed, the team has a lot of rising stars like Nevo and Azunis who could definitely upset even the most experienced of opponents.
Having said all this, the expected close game is taking place on some of the most unpredictable maps of the season. This should lead to an even better game with hopefully equally amazing plays from both teams’ players. Join tomorrow at 21:15CEST if you want to witness it all.

Play-by-Play: Georgebaii | Analysis: DuMmTm | Production: Wiethoofd | Match Page | Norway Ora Elektro | European The Prophets |Written by a non-biased Wylenn

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