Season 30 by STN-Trading & Week 1: Ascent.EU vs. The Bus Crew

Date May 29, 2018

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Welcome to the ETF2L Season 30 premiership ! To kick off this exiting season, we’ll bring you the answer to the question : what happens when an unstoppable force (like a bus) meets an unmovable object (like a mountain). That’s right, it’s The Bus Crew versus Ascent.EU. Now, you better expect a close match and for multiple reasons. The maps will be Process and Granary, two staples of comp so no team has an edge in term of familiarity with the terrain. The Bus Crew has going for them the fact that they changed less players since last season, and also that since they played in the qualifiers, already got some official experience, which could be important against Ascent.EU, who had a reputation of shocking some matches back in their top5 days. But speaking of top5 days, the strength of Ascent.EU lies in that their players have been playing together for so long and that they all share the same language, which means that they could very well be one of the most coordinated teams this season.

Will The Bus Crew treat Ascent.EU like a mere speed bump ? Or will the frenchies see this bus as a touristy one and thus extort them of 6 points ? Tune in to tftv to find out !

Play-by-Play: Turbotabs | Analysis: Beater | Production: Wiethoofd | Match Page | Ascent.EU | The Bus Crew | Written by Aelkyr

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