Highlander Season 15 Playoffs Prelude

Date April 29, 2018

Written by England chando

This 15th season of Highlander has seen a surge teams both new and prosperous and veteran to the premiership pool. The influx of fresh talent has made for an interesting season as far as which team has seeded where.


Rising above the rest and with great comparison to their name, European :elephant: stands at the top of the table, remarkably having a perfect 30 point run in the group stage (one of the best group stage results we’ve seen for a long time in ETF2L Highlander). Despite being a “new team”, the roster is mostly an amalgamation of former premiership powerhouse Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! with some former Highlander legends filling the gaps. Notably, the pick up of the notorious pick class Germany Der_Milchmann who has gone to great lengths to deliver consistent results against the competition despite taking a long break from the premiership division.

Other standout players this season include, soldier Israel JackyLegs who currently is leading in kills per minute and reaching second in damage per minute throughout the season. International SandBurn has also had no trouble holding onto the best heavy currently in Europe, completely dominating the competition. Currently he holds the highest kills per minute, damage per minute, least deaths per minute and amazingly least damage taken per minute. Needless to say engie extraordinaire UnitedKingdom cherryrendezvous also holds the current top spot for both kills per minute, damage per minute and second in deaths per minute.

This behemoth of a roster is certainly a mighty challenge for the remaining teams fortunate enough to squeeze into playoffs.

Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS

Following (not so) closely in second place is the veteran team (not the roster, just the name) UnitedKingdom Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS. As per usual, the roster has come back completely overhauled, with team leaders European Leila and UnitedKingdom JoeN rebuilding the squad with both long running experienced gamers and fresh talent. Speaking of this fresh talent, let’s have a look at Feila’s sniper France CazaroC. Not only is this man making his debut in prem this season, he has already gained a huge number of accolades in the group stages. The French headshot talent has gained the highest damage of any sniper, the fifth highest damage of any player (all above being demomen, might I add), he also not only holds the most kills of any sniper, but of any player by over 50 kills! Need I say more? Well yes because he also holds the highest Sniper v Sniper win rate. Lucky Feila…

Keeping in line with the success of pick classes, Belgium Adje also stands out in Feila’s roster. He currently holds second highest damage and kills per minute, as well as most backstabs AND second most medic frags. With Feila’s pick classes absolutely decimating the competition currently, do they have what it takes to give European :elephant: a run for their money?


Trailing in third (after a series of incredibly close matches against the lower half of the teams) is Sweden Lucrosa. Their second season in prem has already placed them in playoffs, with a guaranteed third place. After an unexpected 6-0 win again Russia WASP they clutched their way into playoffs, only 1 point ahead of European open_squad. However, they still certainly pose a threat to Feila in the semifinal. Their standout player to look out for is undoubtedly Netherlands Cnoz who has wreaked havoc in the group stages. He currently holds the most kills per minute and highest damage, hitting a 6 digit damage figure.

Following the projectile success of Lucrosa is their soldier Ireland Kosuke. He currently holds the third most kills of any soldier, but most importantly, is tied with JackyLegs for most medic picks throughout the group stages, and will no doubt be causing a great deal of agitation to Leila and her team throughout the semifinal.

If you want to read a more in depth analysis of the playoff teams this season, make sure to take a look at Germany Domaytoe’s write-up here!


Well there you have it folks, the top three teams of the season. By who could forget the other side of the prem table. Commiserations to TrinidadTobago Budget Toucans, former High winners and Russia WASP who will face relegation for the next season. European opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv reached an admirable fourth place, giving them a guaranteed spot in prem next season should they wish to continue their quest for Highlander glory.

Be sure to check out the semifinal action over on KritzKast, between Feila and Lucrosa on tonight at 21:15. Featuring England chando and England Georgebaii on the mics with Sweden Foppish on production, we’ll see you there!

* Big thank you to Lithuania Just1s for the Season 15 prem stats used in this article.

Match Overview
UnitedKingdom Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS vs Sweden Lucrosa
Semi-Finals (Premiership)
Date Sunday, April 29th 21:15 CEST



3 - 2



3 - 2

UnitedKingdom Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS [6:0] Sweden Lucrosa

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    Keeping in line with the success of pick classes, Belgium Adje also stands out in Feila’s roster. He currently holds second highest damage and kills per minute, as well as most backstabs AND second most medic frags. With Feila’s pick classes absolutely decimating the competition currently

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