S29 Upper Bracket Round 1

Date March 22, 2018

Se7en vs wer das liest ist doof

Time flies, as we’re already about to enter the ETF2L season 29 playoffs ! To kick this off, it is Se7en versus wer das liest ist doof in the first round of the upper-bracket.

Now, Se7en are surely going into this as favorites, as they boast both an impressive track record, winning 5-0 and 5-2 in the regular season, and more experienced players. However, WDLID will surely be eager to prove that they are more than a way for stefaan to keep his streak of reaching prem playoffs. The mostly German team has shown real growth this season, the more experienced players like kr4tos, Smirre and of course stefaan were able to share their knowledge with the newcomers to prem, and this is a really cohesive team that Se7en will face. Kaidus and the gang are also facing some potential roster troubles as Thaigrr is running into some issues with ETF2L admins and they do not have a main medic yet, seeds filling up this role currently but he’s not rostered on 7.

Now, Se7en still has a wealth of talent at their disposition, but will their shuffling will hinder them as they are about to face a very motivated team ? Is Thaigrr about to get hunted down by the admins ? Tune in tonight to find out !

Play-by-Play: Turbotabs | Analysis: babs | Production: gemm | Match Page | Se7en | wer das liest ist doof | Written by Aelkyr

Ascent.EU vs. OMNI5.EU

Tonight, we’re looking forward to bringing you Ascent.EU versus OMNI5 EU basketball team in the opening round of the Upper Bracket of ETF2L Season 29’s Premiership Playoffs.

It’s been a season to remember for Ascent.EU. Ombrack’s outfit have dropped just four points and one map throughout the season. Funs, Josh and chris have all played superbly and proved themselves to be electric additions to last season’s Grand Finalists of credu, Ombrack and Elacour, enabling the former top5rocket to replicate and climb above last season’s heroics.

In the other corner, last season’s High winners OMNI5 put in a strong shift to muscle past their opponents and break into Prem playoffs in their debut season in the division. While it’ll be a big ask for them to make it much further, the Prem finals aren’t entirely uncharted territory for the players, with Raptor playing in the playoffs and grand finals of seasons 26 and 27.

How high can Ascent keep rising? Could the OMNI5 underdog leapfrog them to the hoop, or will they simply get airshot out the sky?

Covering all the action on TFTV2 are Connor and DuMmTm with Beater on production.

Play-by-Play: Connor | Analysis: DuMmTm | Production: Beater | Match Page | Ascent.EU | OMNI5 EU basketball team |Fantasy TF2 | Written by joe

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