Highlander Season 14: Award Polls!

Date January 29, 2018

Yet another actionpacked season is behind us. After everything is said and done, European Strong Opinions reclaim the throne and are our first champions in 2018. Congratulations!
But apart from the stellar teamplay, we had the treat to witness top-notch individual effort and gameplay. To honour those we have asked the premiership teams who they thing should receive an award for Season 14.
Ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado I present you the nominees for the Highlander Season 14 player awards:

Highlander Season 14: Scout of the Season

Total Voters: 421

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Highlander Season 14: Soldier of the Season

Total Voters: 397

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Highlander Season 14: Pyro of the Season

Total Voters: 354

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Highlander Season 14: Demoman of the Season

Total Voters: 393

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Highlander Season 14: Heavy of the Season

Total Voters: 361

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Highlander Season 14: Engineer of the Season

Total Voters: 371

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Highlander Season 14: Medic of the Season

Total Voters: 390

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Highlander Season 14: Sniper of the Season

Total Voters: 393

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Highlander Season 14: Spy of the Season

Total Voters: 383

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Highlander Season 14: Debut of the Season

Total Voters: 351

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Highlander Season 14: Best Player of the Season

Total Voters: 395

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Highlander Season 14: Caster of the Season

Total Voters: 376

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The polls will be open until saturday, 3rd february, 20.00 cet. Make sure to vote until then- or live with the consequences!

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  1. mezzo: nufcZONE - JOEYO said:

    Nothing against GardenFungus, but why would you be able to vote for a high pyro merc instead of a prem pyro like Strno? Can someone explain me?

  2. 30.06: OV said:

    Are you really asking this question

  3. STiNGHAN: LOTOS - inv said:

    Top 3 fragger of main season is Pyro, isn’t that enough? xD

  4. mezzo: nufcZONE - JOEYO said:

    Yes tell me please c:

  5. Included_Middle: nufcZONE - JOEYO said:

    No crayon on debut of the season is criminal, also you should rename caster of the season to kritzkast caster of the season if only they can get nominated :)

  6. Nightmare said:


  7. Cronk: ︻芫═一☺ - Lucrosa said:

    Highlander Season 14: Debut of the Season
    No Crayon?
    These prem leaders are retardo

  8. proky: (League Admin) - o5. - JOEYO said:

    i vote for 1hp debut! he had good logs!

  9. Cnoz: SDCK said:

    why am i not nominated on pyro?

  10. Clark: STB - SDCK said:

    GardenFungus is not a High pyro.

  11. Zangetsu said:

    jackylegs for soldier of the season!

  12. Crayon: gay - JOEYO said:

    two 3rd place pyros over strno..? I aren’t think that

  13. MatTj: ₚrᵃiₛe - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    Z A M P
    P A M P

  14. Adje: TBA said:

    oh great another popularity vote

  15. Toast: Gaston - S-O said:

    @Adje: There’s only two or three genuinely well performing players left in the scene, so it can’t be much more :s

    Also clark and sandwich for cutest couple.

  16. GardenFungus: Buck824 - :elephant: said:

    Yeah I didn’t even win high haha nah I appreciate the nomination though, means a lot to me. Should definitely vote Yahoo or sys they’re much better than me. Though I haven’t seen much of sys gameplay, Yahoo has always been my favourite pyro, consistently plays well and is up there with Steve

  17. GardenFungus: Buck824 - :elephant: said:

    Synrise!* Sys is another great pyro

  18. Clark: STB - SDCK said:

    @fungus, you need more piano lessons to learn who to tap faster, that’s how one wins on pyro in 2018.

  19. Polarium: 124 - -Xe- said:

    sek to win engie of the century

  20. ben: !add - noob said:


  21. Tercio: STiNG - inv said:

    bit of a kek

  22. Liko: POUND said:

    as a citizen in awe my only vote goes to Detective Zamparonie

  23. mental: 46DPM - Wow, swag said:

    vote Synrise