Season 28: Wrap-up

Date December 29, 2017

Season 28  Wrap-up

Congratulations once again to European SVIFT for claiming their first Premiership title!

The winning squad is comprised of:

After a thrilling Grand Final, France Top5rocket have been defeated and place 2nd while
Denmark LEGO are rewarded with the bronze medal.

Although we all enjoy watching the top players, ETF2L is not only about the Premiership Tier. The following teams placed top of their tables in the lower tiers:

High Tier

1.  – Romania OMNI5 EU basketball team
2.  – France
3.  – Sweden Professional Disney Fangirls
3.  – Norway Ora Elektro

Mid Tier

1.  – France DABLANDZ
2.  – UnitedKingdom Ringo
3.  – European ALPHA
3.  – Ireland JEPIC 3: Return of the Jediward

Open Tier

1.  – Finland █▄ █▄█ █▄ ▀█▀ █ █▄ ▀█▀
2.  – European FullPasta
3.  – Russia Last To Spec
3.  – England Poundland

Season 28 Awards

The best of the best have been  competing all season, displaying exceptional skill and ability. The following are the ones you voted to receive an award for their gameplay and dedication:
Here are the winners of their respective categories:

  •  Best Player of the Season: France Elacour
  •  Demoman of the Season:  France Elacour
  •  Medic of the Season: France Ombrack
  •  Pocket of the Season: Ireland Josh
  •  Roamer of the Season: UnitedKingdom Silentes
  •  Scout of the Season: England Thaigrr
  •  Off-classer of the Season: Russia Mr.Epic
  •  Best Premier Division Debut of the Season: Finland nuthouse
  •  Caster of the Season: Denmark Beater

Congratulations to all award winning teams and players!
Season 29 is just around the corner. Make sure you gather your players and be on the lookout for that announcement!

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    Is there a VOD of the Awards Show?

  4. Bloodis: (Head Admin) - :-) - hlpugs said:

    The VOD has been uploaded to YouTube on eepily’s own channel:

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    Rpz the france

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    I hope the preseason cup won’t be during the weekend

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    Mr.Epic is the best