Highlander Season 14 Preseason Cup

Date October 23, 2017


Now that the excitement from the pyro update has died down it is time for some highlander. Specifically time to test the new and changed weapons in preparation for Season 14.

>>>>>>>> Signups are Open Now! <<<<<<<<

We have added a few new weapons to the Season 13 whitelist, however we have banned a few weapons due to bugs added in the update. If these bugs get fixed we will revisit the whitelist. The whitelist can be seen at whitelist.tf.

The cup itself will take place on Saturday the 28th of October. Signups will close at 21:00 CEST on Friday the 27th. It will be in a round robin format of tiered groups of four teams, both fun and HL teams can signup.

  • 19:00 – koth_product_rc8
  • 19:45 – cp_gullywash_final1
  • 20:30 – pl_upward (bo1)

As there are a number of significant changes in this update please make sure you post any thoughts on the whitelist for the upcoming season in the forum thread.

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  1. Included_Middle: nufcZONE - JOEYO said:

    beggars has bug gets banned, gru + dakolovs bar has bug = no ban, I’m sensing some admin bias #MoistGate

  2. Jan: (League Admin) - |FV| said:

    Chocolate and GRU just got patched.

  3. Included_Middle: nufcZONE - JOEYO said:


  4. kKaltUu: R6S said:


  5. Maccy: .Qc` said:

    I don’t suppose the map pool is subject to change?

  6. Divider of Worlds: RG? said:

    why would we play maps that we play every season? can we play something new to try out a map or just to have a difference. I’m not asking for new maps, instead of gully we could do snakewater (f.e)

  7. DCS: (Head Admin) - [HA] - m a s o n said:

    Because this cup is about testing and trying out the newly added / balanced weapons and not the maps. People can completely concentrate on “abusing” the unlocks on maps they know to the last square inch. This allows for more accurate feedback for the subject of matter, which is how does the update influence the upcoming whitelist for s14.
    If you want to test new game mechanics and weapons, let them play known maps.
    If you wanna test new maps, have a stable whitelist.

  8. Divider of Worlds: RG? said:

    then we need a one-night cup or something for maps because I don’t wanna play same 6 maps 3 times a year
    i think not only I want to have some difference in map pool

  9. Aleskee: o_O said:

    pl_enclosure or riot

  10. Forty-Two said:

    It’s kind of experimental setup 101, you want to only change a single independent variable (ie unlocks in this case), and keep the rest as stable as possible to avoid interference and contamination of the results

  11. Maccy: .Qc` said:

    Whilst it makes sense to want to test unlocks on familiar maps, let’s not pretend that there are only 6 maps that are familiar to everyone. I was wondering if the map pool for the season was being reconsidered as this cup, which i assume is meant to act as a precursor to the season, features no changes to the pool.

    In my eyes the 5 week season has created a conflict in that, although the current 6 maps are pretty much unanimously accepted as being the 6 best maps for highlander (I certainly think they are), they’ve been played so much that I would now rather see a change to a map such as process because I’ve become so bored of repeatedly playing the same 6 maps, even though process may be a ‘worse’ map for highlander than gullywash.

  12. Included_Middle: nufcZONE - JOEYO said:

    Only having 6 maps is a bit of a problem all around, for example in playoffs if a team is bad at 5cp they can ban it outright, similarly with koth or a/d. I’m not sure of the logistics but it might be worth trying to keep the 5 week season but instead of 6 maps up it a small bit. One possibility (which I’m not sure 100% works with the way etf2l is coded) would be to stop doing BO3 on payload and attack defense for the regular season and start doing for example 1 round or PL and 1 round of A/D giving 3 points to the winner of each round similar to how koth works. Playoffs could still be best of 3 on these maps, but it would allow us to fit extra maps into the regular season.

    Also on a side note: could someone fix the spawns on asheville / coalplant and the few bugs which exist on those maps? It’s basically the only thing preventing the maps being viable for HL.

  13. Cronk: ︻芫═一☺ - Lucrosa said:

    process is a bad map

    i mean me too thanks

  14. Clark: TSM - c4° said:

    Does Round Robin allow for draws on gully?

  15. FTH: -BE- said:

    I would love to play heavy class

  16. stexer: .Qc` - VLHL said:

    I assume that we can reschedule the 19cest game to be played after the 20:30cest game if enemy team agrees? Aslong as we give the results before deadline.

  17. MoistPenguin: TC said:

    stexer yes. All games must be played by midnight, however if you want to reschedule as long as it does not clash with any other games you may do so.

  18. stexer: .Qc` - VLHL said:

    No golden cap on gully btw. http://i.imgur.com/f2QbB7y.jpg