S28 Week 3: Lowpander vs. LEGO

Date October 4, 2017

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Written by Scotland nuze

As the first of ETF2L’s Product weeks makes its way onto your screen, we get to see a toss up between the teams currently occupying the top two spots in the league: European Politically correct pander and Denmark LEGO. European Politically correct pander are coming in to this with a fair bit of confidence – decent practice against decent opponents this week so far as Gullywash goes, but no practice whatsoever on Product. Perhaps their formidable performances in the past as true Kings of the Hill have left a chink in their armour. Denmark LEGO also opt for heavy usage of a sniper (to great effect) on Product, with dominant performances in their practice games thus far. That being said, Denmark LEGO‘s Product hasn’t quite been put to the test against a team of European Politically correct pander‘s calibre – so keep eyes peeled for your favourite 60hz sniper duelists Russia Mr.Epic and France dmoule – there will be a lot riding on their play tonight. Denmark LEGO‘s recent Gullywash results on the other hand, are quite the mixed bag, so it will all come down to how they’ll be feeling on match night.
All in all, we should be in for a blast of a game, so grab your popcorn, get comfy, and tune in to TFTV1 with Netherlands HiipFire, England TurboTabs and Denmark Beater.​

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