ETF2L S28 Preseason Playoffs: nunya vs. Ora Elektro

Date September 12, 2017

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Written by Smin
ETF2L Season 28 is getting back underway with the Preseason Playoffs. This season, the Premiership hopefuls will play through a single elimination bracket, with the winners stealing the last slot available in the Premiership. This first match of the playoffs will feature SouthAfrica ɴᴜɴʏᴀ and Norway Ora Elektro!
The old SouthAfrica ɴᴜɴʏᴀ team of the past two seasons has turned into UnitedKingdom Da Choke Bustaz, but left medic UnitedKingdom Connor behind to play for this SouthAfrica ɴᴜɴʏᴀ squad. In addition to UnitedKingdom Connor, SouthAfrica ɴᴜɴʏᴀ features breakout demoman England Eemes, older names like Germany Rising and Finland Hank playing their mains, with Italy ixy (scout) and CzechRepublic lukas (soldier) rounding out the roster. Their opponents Norway Ora Elektro finished third in High last season, and have the same roster with the exception of Germany S!MON on medic.
Will the experience of some members of SouthAfrica ɴᴜɴʏᴀ shine through, or will Norway Ora Elektro show that their skills learned in High can take them to the next level?
Find out with casters Scotland zeFrosty and Netherlands HiipFire, while England gemm mmans the cammera!

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  1. Collaide: (Anti Cheat Trial) said:

    Lukas will win

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