Season 28 Preseason Playoffs

Date September 10, 2017

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Unfortunately European Se7en will not be participating in the season. This means that 2 spots open in in Premiership so winners of the round 1 match will instantly go through.

The Premiership signups are in! First up, lets welcome our return participating teams. These teams maintain their spot in Premiership due to their placement last season.
European Politically correct pander
Denmark LEGO
France Ascent.EU

Then we have Japan Weebtunnel Tactics who get promoted into Premiership after winning High in Season 27.

Next up we’ll be giving away 2 spots to teams who have proven themselves at Insomnia61. Both of these automatically make it through into the group with the rest of the teams.

Sweden ANTIC
European SVIFT

Then lastly the teams that will have to fight for it. There is only 1 spot to fight for so its an all or nothing scenario. This will be done in a single elimination bracket. The winner goes through. The losers get placed in high. Here are your participants.
SouthAfrica nunya
UnitedKingdom Da Choke Bustaz
Norway Ora Elektro
France cp_soiree

Round 1: 10 September – 13 September

Match #1 – UnitedKingdom Da Choke Bustaz vs France cp_soiree

Match #2 – Norway Ora Elektro vs SouthAfrica nunya

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  1. alba said:

    Nunya vs Nunya Black would have been the ultimate showdown.

    Also first

  2. letto: ORA ⚡️ said:

    now i wanna hear somebody say the season after lan sucks

  3. Collaide: (Anti Cheat Staff) - OoO said:

    alba, maybe we will still see that game! ;)

  4. TimTum: (ETF2L Donator) - LvG said:

    rip se7en, we can have two nunyas in prem now

  5. Sprite: Beyond PL said:

    le bug is dead