Highlander Season 13 Playoffs: Super Dickmann’s KANNONEN! vs Super Dickmann’s JUNIORS!

Date September 3, 2017


O hey, it’s Highlander!

It’s been an exciting season this summer but hasn’t gotten a lot of attention. But no worries, we’re here to change that with an all Super match. The KANNONEN take on the JUNIORS!

Latvia Super Dickmann's JUNIORS! have had a bit of a shaky start to the season but managed to get themselves the 3rd place spot on the tables. Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! on the other hand got themselves a solid looking 2nd place on the tables only dropping points to European Strong Opinions.

Did Latvia Super Dickmann's JUNIORS! pull themselves together well enough to stand up against Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN!? Find out tonight on Kritzkast with Spain CeeJaey and  Germany Zamparonie as your casters and with Netherlands Wiethoofd on the camera.

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