Insomnia 61: TF2 all weekend long!

Date August 25, 2017


This weekend, starting at 16:30 CEST(-ish) the best teams from all around Europe are going to be facing each other at the biggest TF2 LAN-event of the Year:

Insomnia 61 is about to begin!

i61 will see a somewhat different format than last year. 8 teams have been invited to the tournament. These teams will be split into 2 groups of 4 and will play a round robin during the Friday. This year the matches in the group stage will be BO2 instead of BO1 and teams will be able to draw on maps. After the groups tage the tournament will move into a double elimination playoff starting during Friday evening where the 8 invited teams are joined by 8 teams from the open groups. The playoffs will continue during Saturday and end on Sunday with a Grand Final on stage.

Meet the teams!

Schedule (times in BST)

Invite group stage (BO2):

Group stage round 1 group A&B: Friday 15:30-17:00

Group stage round 2 group A: Friday 17:30-19:00

Group stage round 2 group B: Friday 19:30-21:00

Group stage round 3 group A&B: Friday 21:30-23:00

Open group stage (BO1):

Group stage round 1: Friday 13:30-14:15
Group stage round 2: Friday 14:30-15:15

Group stage round 3: Friday 15:30-16:15


Playoffs (BO3 & BO5):

Upper Bracket Round 1: Friday 23:30-01:30.
Upper Bracket Round 2 & Lower Bracket Round 1: Saturday 11:00-13:00
Upper Bracket Round 3 & Lower Bracket Round 2: Saturday 14:00-16:00
Lower Bracket Round 3: Saturday 17:00-19:00
Upper Bracket Finals & Lower Bracket Round 4: Saturday 20:00-22:30
Lower Bracket Round 5: Saturday 23:00-01:00

Lower Bracket Finals: Sunday 11:00-13:00

Grand Finals: Sunday 15:00-18:30

You do not wanna miss any of the games! So clear your schedule, buy some cold beverages and enjoy an action-packed weekend of top-notch Team Fortress 2!

Stinson_Out live from Insomnia61!

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  1. Xogos: POW - said:

    good one

  2. blaze_it said:

    +rep for keeping the tf community alive