Entries from August 2017

Season 27 Wrap-up Post

Date August 30, 2017

Season 27  Wrap-up Congratulations once again to for claiming their first Premiership title! The winning squad is comprised of: (Medic) (Demoman) (Soldier) (Soldier) (Scout) (Scout) have been dethroned and place 2nd while  are rewarded with the bronze medal. Although we all enjoy watching the top players, ETF2L is not only about the Premiership Tier. The following […]

Insomnia 61: TF2 all weekend long!

Date August 25, 2017

This weekend, starting at 16:30 CEST(-ish) the best teams from all around Europe are going to be facing each other at the biggest TF2 LAN-event of the Year: Insomnia 61 is about to begin! i61 will see a somewhat different format than last year. 8 teams have been invited to the tournament. These teams will […]

Highlander Season 13: Playoffs and Tiebreaker Scores

Date August 23, 2017

Welcome everyone to the conclusion of the 13th season of ETF2L HIghlander for open, mid, high and premiership. We hope you enjoyed the matches, and for the teams that made it through, congratulations. All tiers will have playoffs, all playoff matches will be using the Map Elimination system. Note that all dates are estimates and teams […]

Soldier 1v1 MGE Cup announced!

Date August 14, 2017

Soldier 1v1 MGE Cup EDIT: We will also have a special whitelist featured for this cup, link to it can be found here. To enable this whitelist in servers with TFTrue, the command “tftrue_whitelist_id etf2l_mge_soldier” needs to be used. As the last cup of our Summer Sensation we already let you voice your opinion on […]

Reversed Maps Cup update, and more news to come!

Date August 13, 2017

This is a reminder post for today’s Reversed Maps Cup knockout stage explaining how the matches will be played out, and an explanation to give an insight on the teams chosen for the knockout stage. The Knockout Tree for the single elimination stage can be found here, with fixtures alone here. Sunday 13th of August: […]