The Fresh Meat Challenge sponsored by and Wrap-up

Date June 28, 2017


After getting to see new players step in to the battlegrounds that have gotten many hours and days of playtime, we proudly want to announce the winners of this event to you and show what teams managed to have the best line-ups of new players that we have seen!

All top 3 teams had strong performances and close matches against each other but making their way to win all matches of the Fresh Meat Challenge we have UnitedKingdom Time Bandits proving themselves as the best team made of new players to competitive with their Fresh Meat Challenge title, securing themselves $300 in the process.

The winning squad is comprised of:

Netherlands Louis van Gaal's Academy earned 2nd place, winning $180 and UnitedKingdom Backyard Bullies won 3rd place, securing $90.

Frag Movie Contest Results

Of course we can’t close off this competition without mentioning the winner of the Frag Movie contest, we asked the public to say which of the following Frag Movies was their favourite from The Fresh Meat Challenge and the winner that will be awarded with a $30 gift card to is:

The Freshest Meat by Belgium Aoshi with 36.25% of votes!

The remaining results for the remaining Frag Movies in this contest:

Nova Cibum – A Fresh Meat Challenge Frag Movie by Netherlands Yearosa28.75%

Invisible Pink Unicorn Squad | The Movie by Austria Kuferl21.25%

FRESH MEAT – FMC Frag Movie by Netherlands omicron13.75%

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