S27 Week 6: the absolute nuts vs. ANTIC

Date June 28, 2017


Written by TurboTabs

Another day, another cast, another last minute panic from myself noticing that teams have changed their match date. We’ve all broken into our routines. One of which at this point; is consuming some ETF2L Premier action which is into its sixth week so far! We’re nearing endgame for all these prem gamers. For Sweden ANTIC, it’s looking like a much easier road from here on out, with their remaining matches being up against teams predicted to end at the lower table of ETF2L, however with how the season how gone for them so far, and playoffs out of the question for them, will they have the motivation to take this game seriously? and more importantly. Can the underdog team in this match SouthAfrica nunya capitalize on that?

Join UnitedKingdom ever_x, England TurboTabs on the mic and Denmark Beater on the, erm production–machine..thing…tonight!

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