ETF2L S27 Premiership Week 3: Arctic Foxes vs Lowpander

Date June 11, 2017


Written by UnitedKingdom bobmus

We’ve got fox on panda action tonight on TFTV!

European Arctic Foxes bounced back from their week 1 spanking by UnitedKingdom Se7en with a convincing roll of unexpected last week. Similarly, after throwing away their first 6 points of the season in a tantrum over server hosting, European Lowpander :-3 came back to surprise everyone with a victory over Sweden ANTIC, prompting them to undergo an early roster shuffle.

With the loss of ex-Se7en scout Finland Puoskari to the devious snake that is Finland amppis, European Arctic Foxes have had to change their line-up ahead of this week’s match, picking up England Thaigrr in return from Sweden ANTIC. Meanwhile, European Lowpander :-3‘s own ex-BazookaSports scout Wales Funs looked on the top of his game last week, and at the time of writing still hasn’t quit to join another team.

Have the new-look European Arctic Foxes still got claws? Or will they fall victim to the surprisingly sharp bite of European Lowpander :-3? Find out on Sunday night here on TFTV!

Scotland zeFrosty and UnitedKingdom ever_x will be casting, with production value added by England gemm.


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