Season 27 Week 3: unexpected vs the absolute nuts & nerdRage vs Se7en

Date June 8, 2017


Written by Smin & UnitedKingdom bobmus

unexpected vs the absolute nuts

European Unexpected and SouthAfrica nunya play in a match that was completely expected to happen in ETF2L S27 Week 3.
Both of these teams had tough opponents last week, and both lost 6-0. unexpected played European Arctic Foxes, and lost by win-difference in both maps. Surprisingly, SouthAfrica nunya fared better in their match against UnitedKingdom Se7en, holding the titans to a 2-round lead on both maps. The absolute nuts will be hungry for their first ETF2L points from this match, while European Unexpected will be looking for their first ETF2L points not gained due to a default win.
Casters will be England Dolly and Denmark Beater, with England gemm on production live on TFTV1.

nerdRage vs Se7en

The furious Frenchies of France Ascent.EU take on UnitedKingdom Se7en this Thursday night.

Poor old France Ascent.EU are having a tough time getting into this season, with a draw against Sweden ANTIC in Week 1 and a loss to Denmark LEGO last week.
UnitedKingdom Se7en, meanwhile, will be looking to extend their unbeaten streak for yet another week. However, their win against the absolute nuts last week wasn’t quite as crushing as kaidus & co. might have otherwise hoped for after their recent roster switch-up.

Can the Frenchmen find their fighting spirit again? Will we get another Reckoner fragshow from UnitedKingdom Se7en? Find out this tonight on TFTV2!

Twiggy and UnitedKingdom ever_x will be casting, with production from Azazel.


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