Season 27 Premiership Week 3: Lego vs BazookaSports

Date June 6, 2017


Written by Smin

In ETF2L S27 W3, Plastic brick enthusiasts Denmark LEGO and LAUNCHING experts Sweden ANTIC play on Reckoner and Gullywash.
Denmark LEGO took two close maps against France Ascent.EU last week, taking their second 6-0 victory in a row. That places them at the top of the table, tied with UnitedKingdom Se7en . Sweden ANTIC are not off to a great start this season, getting no points from European Lowpander :-3 last week, for a total of 3. However, their roster is a little different this week. Finland amppis has moved to soldier to replace England Thaigrr, while Finland Puoskari will be joining the team on scout. In this match, Sweden ANTIC will be itching to take some points and move up the table, while Denmark LEGO will be looking to keep their win-streak going.
Tune in to this match with casters Scotland nuze and Netherlands HiipFire, and England gemm on production.


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  1. Sc0pe said:

    So the question is. Is a few bricks better than a bazooka?

  2. Jan: (League Admin) - |FV| said:

    Yes, as it turns out.