Season 27 Provisional Divs, Rule Updates and Highlander Nations Cup Update

Date May 20, 2017


Season 27: Provisional Tiers

In case you do not find your team in this list, you were likely removed because you had between 1 and 5 players, in this case you have to gather 6 players in your roster and sign up for Season 27 again or you changed your name during signup process, just check for an old team name. We will try and get as many teams into the season as possible before week 1 starts. This is also a reminder that we will leave the signups open until the start of week 3 for late signups. If your team is not on the list or is in a different tier to what you expected please contact the admin team.

Due to a lack of signups we have not been able to create a fresh meat tier, however all teams that signed up for the fresh meat tier along with some of the less experienced teams that signed up for low have been placed together in the Open division. The remaining teams that signed up for low have been placed in a division together. Prem, High and Mid are unaffected.

Provisional Tiers

These Provisional Tiers are very close to being the final tiers for Season 27. We will only consider making changes to your team’s placement if you can provide strong arguments with supporting screenshots.

If you have not done so already also submit your Preferred days and times for your week 1 fixtures. Teams will be paired on Saturday 23:59, so make sure to do it before.

To submit your availability go to Dashboard > My Teams > Edit Availability. Please also note to submit the time frame in a 24h format, otherwise it will not work (e.g. 20:00 instead of 08:00 p.m.).

Starting from this season we are implementing a Premiership rule restricting the amount of times a Premiership team can change their name, from the start of the season until a team’s last game they may change their name up to three times. Any name changes after the third will be punished with a minor warning.

1.8.6 Premiership teams have a limited amount of team name changes

All Premiership teams are allowed to change their team name to a maximum amount of 3 times per season. This applies from the day the main season starts until the team does not have any upcoming matches to play in the season. If a team has already reached the maximum amount of team name changes in a season and wants to change their team name again they must contact an admin before doing so, otherwise the team will get a separate minor warning for each change done; a team can receive this punishment multiple times per season.

Highlander Nations Cup #5 Update

So far we have had applications for the following national teams

  • England England
  • Italy Italy
  • Poland Poland
  • Scotland Scotland
  • Germany Germany
  • Finland Finland
  • Wales Wales
  • Romania Romania
  • France France
  • Belgium Belgium
  • Israel Israel
  • Russia Russia
  • CzechRepublic Czech Republic
  • Ireland Ireland
  • UnitedStates United States of America
  • Spain Spain
  • Sweden Sweden
  • Netherlands Netherlands
  • Denmark Denmark
  • Lithuania Lithuania
  • Ukraine Ukraine
  • Hungary Hungary
  • Estonia Estonia
  • Slovenia Slovenia
  • Norway Norway
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Austria Austria

If you do not see your country on this list feel free to apply, more information can be found on the initial newspost.

We are also clarifying our stance on players changing nationalities.  We are not allowing players to change nationalities, if you have played for a nation’s cup team, 6v6 or Highlander you are locked to that country and may not play for a different nation. If you have any queries please contact the admin team.


  1. MILKy: $QUAD said:

    we didnt get in mid?? what the fuck admins

  2. Georgebaii: SELECTED. said:

    Kick Manky, Pred, Vouri and yourself then you will be mid :)

  3. Crayon: veL said:

    Kick yourself then you will be mid :)

  4. MILKy: $QUAD said:

    LOL fuxx and marv are mid confirmed

  5. Fuxx: SENS said:

    was there ever any doubt

  6. thaZu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - -chess- said:

    Marv is a teenager with huge alcoholic problems, he may shoot like a mid scout but his gamesense stopped around open. #confirmed

  7. Permzilla: (Legend) - 7 - WiK? said:

    When does the season officially start? From which date can premiership only change their name 3 times from? When does that time period end? Need more specifics otherwise this will only come back to bite you and is ambiguous like all rules are.

  8. NeuTronas: T said:

    Main Season: May 21st – July 7th (7 Weeks)

    And also it’s obvious that premiership teams are only allowed to change their team name 3 times since the season starts, so basically from May 21st.

  9. DCS: (Head Admin) - [HA] - Dr. med. said:


  10. Steve!: S-O said:

    Asked admins in 2014 if I can play for England.

    Get told I can play for England if I skip 2015 nations cup.

    Skip it. Find out year later there’s no HL nations cup in 2016.

    Find out in 2017 days/weeks before teams get finalised that I can’t play because of a new rule introduced 3 years after my decision is passed.

    “There’s no record of us giving you permission” — i.e. someone forgot to document it in 2014-2015 and now I’m suffering for it.

    G fucking G.

    can’t wait for this comment to be deleted and a 2 week forum ban :^)
    good league many integrity

  11. wonder said:

    tfw Steve refused to play for Poland because he has been told he’ll play for England next time if he skip 2015 NC and you lost 1st map to Sweden 0:1 after very close game and Sweden won whole Nations Cup. RIP

  12. STiNGHAN: T - faketaxi said:

    Steve, even if you will find this then it would be useless. Trust me

    Rip Steve, wonder and Polish team.

  13. Bloodis: (Head Admin) - (´・ω・`) - Leila+8 said:

    Adding to what NeuTronas said, playoffs will be counted as well if a team in question will also play in the playoffs. I’ve added this part in to the rule now to make it clear that if a team does not make it in to the playoffs after week 7 of main season, they will be free to change their team name then.

  14. Derakusa said:

    Where is Portugal and Turkey? Cant even see Switzerland :/